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Wounds that can Block Intimacy with the Holy Spirit

Negative Messages - Spiritual Hindrances

In my own journey to experience more of God’s help through the Power of the Holy Spirit, I discovered early wounds that were huge blocks to having an intimate relationship with Him. WE all have these wounds. No human child grows and develops without hearing negative attacks and accusations spoken at, to or about him/her. These voices get recorded in our subconscious with the way that child felt at the time of receiving the message. Think about the hindrance this could be!

Intimate relationships depend on trust and the ability to be open and in touch with feelings. The relationship with the Holy Spirit is the same, only even deeper. Our inner being needs to be free to hear truth from our Spiritual Leader. If we are used to believing lies that are rooted in a wound, emotions to receive the good news of God’s love will be shut down or limited. Feeling less than or not enough inside our heart and soul will shut down, numb or set up a defensive wall around emotional well-being. Until those wounds are healed, it is enemy territory full of reactive zones that can be triggered (like land mines) and take us down into a pit of despair.

The wounds developed in childhood that are recorded and running our inner program set up strong holds of rejection, fear of abandonment, shame, insecurity, control, insignificance, guilt, obligation and many other negative thinking patterns. These thoughts are the levers that get pulled when we have a situation in the present that “makes us feel” the same as we did in our original wounding. Once the trigger goes off, all humans use the same survival mechanisms animals use-fight, flight or freeze. These behaviors just expand into further complications of adding on behaviors that are self-destructive and patterns that are block ability to hear truth.

Of course, it is easy to see that these early developmental wounds need healing so the gentle and loving voice of the Holy Spirit can get through. One of the biggest problems to this healing is that most people do not know what they do not know about the wounds. Some may not even know they are walking around with a whole mountain of toxic recordings that are programming their behaviors. Even if they do know, they may actually make things worse by staying angry or depressed about their past and keep making the wounds worse. It takes some understanding and some loving people in our lives to help us get free from these deceptive thoughts.

It really only takes the power of the Holy Spirit to treat and heal any previous wound and reset the inner dials to the truth. The problem is, however, that most people need help identifying how to move the negative patterns out long enough to be able to hear the truth that would set them free. Of course, that is what I do as a therapist. I meet my clients where they are and walk alongside them until they can see the inner truth in a new light of love that melts away the dark “pits” and lack of understanding. This is helpful for those who can afford counseling or seek it. For those of you who cannot, I offer this blog with a lot of the same information I give in my clinical treatment. Be sure to keep following to gain deeper understanding.

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