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This is one of the BEST Spiritual practices you can do. Contemplative means being thoughtful, pensive, absorbed and able to look at something deeply. When you read any Sacred writings, you are practicing contemplation. You are digging in deep to consider or imagine what the author is saying to you. When you are using the Power of the Holy Spirit as your Helper, you find truth. It is often called intuitive truth as it comes from the Spiritual realm. To explain a little more, it is somewhat spontaneous and innate as it flows while you are being contemplative. You are getting beyond just normal conscious thoughts and hearing an in-built knowing.

Reading the writings of any great Contemplative Authors or mystical writers is actually a very good way of going deeper within your being. It really is the most amazing thing. I keep a notebook or journal handy because the thoughts are literally “out of this world.” They seem to stream in like a movie you downloaded. It is very much like that. Those who do not form this practice are missing out all day long as it sets the dial for hearing all things in new ways throughout the day. It is very helpful to me in my profession of counseling.

The word perceptive comes to mind when I think of the contemplative way of life. You are quick to understand and slow to speak. YOU listen deeper and kind of ponder or muse a little before responding or you actually say that you need more time to think about what you hear. As you desire to perceive all things at the deeper levels, there is an integrative perceptual shift that happens. You are actually more insightful and understanding. You may even notice your patience expanding for things that “drove you nuts” previously.

Just get into the practice and watch your perceptions shift to a more sensitive or empathic heart. You are keenly aware that you do not know everything and that this kind of knowing does not come from knowledge. Knowledge helps but only as perception sharpens the base of knowledge you previously had. For example, I have lots of knowledge about the psyche and the mind, but this awareness from contemplating goes beyond what I would find in books. It contains discernment and observations that knowledge alone does not give.

So, definitely a BEST Practice for Spiritual Maturity as Christ is filling your mind from the Power of the Holy Spirit translating in ways you can understand. You will be accessing the deeper life of what it means to be born again and raised up by your true Father!

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