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I'm Susan.

Where do I begin with my introduction? Well, I am who God says I am, so my mind first goes to my position as a Believer in Christ. I am God’s Child and I am able to receive the Holy Spirit. That is my Spiritual Position and I am glad to introduce myself that way.


As a body, I am a mother of two sons, two daughter-in-laws and three grandchildren. I am also the wife of Al, and we have just celebrated 50 years of marriage! I have been a teacher, counselor, pastor and held other offices in the church. It may be important that you know me and know my credentials as a professional, but all my degrees, trainings, lessons, experiences do not come close to the wisdom I have learned through the power of being in an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit. So, know Him and you will know me. Our hearts and souls will connect because we have the same Father. Peace, love and harmony will be our way of demonstrating the Image of our Father’s Divine and unconditional love for us.


I am also an author and have always loved words. Words matter, so I begin with the Word of God. I take it seriously when Jesus says the greatest commands are to Love and delight in a relationship with Him, and to love one another as our true self is loved through His Spirit. We are to be known by our love, and that comes through our relationship with the Holy Spirit. We are enlightened by the Word.


As a counselor, one of my purposes is to encourage people. I try to offer the hope that God has a path through the pain. I have heard many human stories over my years as a therapist and my heart would be shattered by those stories if I were apart from God’s Spirit of Love. Knowing how that Spirit makes a way through the messiest of stories and heals hearts through the mess is my Anchor.


This is the main reason I am presenting this Holy Spirit blog and website. I want to connect with you and give you hope to walk in healing through God’s love vs. walking in pain and suffering from your human wounds. Those two realms have to be connected and understood so they can bring back the real you to live and be according to His Designs and Destiny for you!




This Holy Spirit blog is about falling in love with the Holy Spirit as an equal partner in the Trinity of God. It is a blog on the Holy Spirit and awakening to that Perfect Love. God has a Holy Nature that nurtures and loves and will do anything to bring back His Lost Children. It is my hope you will find many things you search for as you SEEK to know God in more intimate ways.

Our Spiritual Journey can be confusing if we have no leader and we lose our way. The light grows dim and it can be exhausting without the help of others. I consider myself an “other.” By that, I mean I have been on that journey for over 65 years. I have toddled, wobbled, fell down, gotten bruised and broken and shattered. Through all of those heart-wrenching experiences, the pain, the suffering, the dis-ease with my inner self and the self in others, I have been loved. I have been carried. No human was ever “the Special One” that did that. It was the grace and love of the Holy Spirit.  Connect with me - through the blog and my Holy Grams and let’s discover the Holy Spirit together.


Moved from Colorado Springs, Colorado to Lake Chautauqua, NY. about 9 years ago.
Married 50 years
Two married sons
Two Grandgirls (10yrs. & 8 yrs.)
One Grandson (2 1/2 years)

Lake Chautauqua is located in
western NY - near Jamestown.
Lake Chatauqua   Tour the area.

Our new town - Bemus Point

Degrees/Licenses held:

  • BS/Special and Elementary Education, SUNY Geneseo, Geneseo, NY

  • MA/Educational Psychology, Long Beach State University, Long Beach, CA

  • MA/Counseling, Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA 

  • Advanced training & Certification in EMDR

  • LPC - Licensed Professional Counselor in Colorado (#4423)

Professional Experience:

  • Educator and Supervisor of Education for over 25 years

  • Associate Pastor and Christian Education Leader

  • Director of Christian Counseling at New Life Church in Endicott, NY

  • Executive Pastor and Counselor with Fresh Wind Community Church in Colorado Springs, CO

  • Operating as independent Counselor/Director of Lifehouse Restoration Center, LLC

  • Trained and certified in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing)

  • Specially trained at Meadows clinic in AZ for Trauma Intensives and Survivor Abuse Therapy

  • Continuing Training with Pia Mellody in Couples Therapy to help with Talking/Listening & Boundary Work
    in all close relationships to improve communication with partners.

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