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Childish Thinking: How to Heal with the Holy Spirit

Childish Thinking - Human Treatment

Are you ready to do with childish thinking and childish reactions? We must recognize the influence, lies and deception that stem from childish thinking. We need to revisit those early childhood wounds in order to gain healing and victory to live as we are destined to live, under the influence of Perfect Love that God offers. However, if you do not look into yourself and see these things, you will not be open to receive that love.

Most of us are in some kind of a trance to our real identity. We appear to be in a state of wakefulness but we are a bit unconscious to what is going on inside. We are very preoccupied with the external and what is coming AT us vs. what is going on within us. Even the most enlightened and mindful people are not fully conscious to the deepest parts of their beings. There just isn’t time to do a human program of “naval gazing” to help us gain new senses.

Enter the Holy Spirit! We have a power right within us that is a catalyst for this “work.” If you do not know Him, however, there is no way He can help. His way is gentle, quiet and unobtrusive if you are not seeking His help. In order to have the Catalyst (conversion help to promote new responses/reactions and stimulate change), you will need an introduction into the Highest Power available. You need to seek a relationship with the Holy Spirit and ask Him to be your Channel. Yes, I did say, “Channel.” You need His channel of information. He is tuned into the One Channel that tells you everything you need to know to clear up your muddy understanding and cloudy thinking.

The treatment procedure for healing old wounds is done in steps and process. It is not a push button event and not able to be microwaved or micro-managed. It is all about surrendering the controls of your life to the Holy Spirit. Your will is enslaved into wanting to do what you want to do as a human. Keep turning it over and over. You will need to repeat this process often and stay mindful of your need to do it.

You will also need to understand that your “affect” has been perverted. This is really important because affect is how we feel about things. It is the stir of our emotional being and the ways we are influenced by others. Think of the word, affection. It is the container of how we love and how we were programmed to receive love (or not). Why do I say it is perverted? It is distorted by the way humans have treated you over the years. It leads you to adapt how you love. God’s love is perfect. Human love is contaminated with fear, obligation, guilt, shame and other negative twistedness. Our view of love and affection is not even close to God’s design!

Finally, in order to treat and heal our inner childish wounds, we need to be in touch with the Author of Who we are and that is God. The only way to clear up the lies and feel love that is real is to KNOW –be in a relationship with the Holy Spirit. You can behave better and be more mentally healthy with human counseling but, you cannot be permanently healed and operating as God planned apart from the Holy Spirit.

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