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Seeing from My Father’s Perception

The word perception is the BEST word to use when talking about intimacy of any kind. It is especially revelatory when it comes to seeing into your true self. Gaining INSIGHT into self- who you really are- can be done by going to counseling or by doing therapy in the traditional way. That is my profession so I understand the intimate relationship between therapist and client. It is a wonderfully intimate relationship because it is a safe place to delve into your deepest self. It is still going to have limiting factors, however. I am very well trained to counsel others, but I do not REALLY know exactly how others are experiencing their life. I also do not know what they SHOULD do when it comes to all the things we discuss in a therapy session. I can help them heal from poor treatment and harmful situations and I even assist in shifting their observations of “self.”

The truth of who any individual being really is can only be known through spiritual intimacy and knowing God personally. God is the energy of Love and the Father that created us all in that image. This planet is full of unloving behaviors that hurt all of us. In order to find healing and develop higher awareness of self and others, all of us have a responsibility to see ourselves as God sees us. Most humans are more interested in how others see them or how they see others than they are in how God sees them. Of course, this brings up another perceptual problem—most people view (perceive) God with great errors. That is what Jesus means when He says, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.” (Luke 23:34).

Knowing Our Father (the ONE who created all of us) is imperative to being able to SEE yourself correctly. When you see into WHO God really is, you begin to see things with greater powers of observation. You awaken to your own inner greatness. Your view of love changes which is a major shift in awareness. The result of perceiving God as Love gives you the Way to interpret your own imperfections through a new filter. It also allows you to not see yourself as “better than” or “less than” others because comparisons become unnecessary. When you know you are loved and seen as a perfect creation of God, you can let go of imperfect focus (the need to look at all the things that are wrong and bring up a negative impression of things). God is interested in fixing our focus (perceptual blindness) to SEE His Plan for Perfect!

Receiving new insights changes perceiving in general. By this, I mean, consciousness of the world changes. Inner mindfulness takes a more present focus on what is going on right now. Past and future are important but staying present and alert to use Real Eyes to interpret a situation is key to raising awareness. The old way is to judge it as “usual” and let it go to the same path the brain always used to interpret. The new way is to recognize through new lenses. The integrated mind is whole and not divided into knowledge and reasoning so it can “figure out” what to do from a limited base. The scope of perspective and perception expands exponentially into many new thoughts.

Humans are moving into a new era of global information and awareness. We need higher perception and understanding that we are all “on the same ship” here. Therefore, the conversation needs to have a greater sense of community as humans. We can only have this conversation when we rise above our differences and see ourselves from Our Father’s View. We are deeply loved and need to work from the Way of remembering that God loves all of us as unique treasures. When you feel valued and loved from His Perception, you wake up to a new reality to be more empowered to pass that perception on to others.

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