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If you want your life to improve in ways that are quick and successful, you need to treat yourself and others to words that matter. Words are containers for power-I mean BIG Power! The words we speak over ourselves and to others can be explosive. Of course, explosive can have positive and negative connotations. An explosive comment usually means angry, violent, quick-tempered, tense, fiery or other words that when used about how people are speaking, brings fear! It is true that our words can quickly penetrate and wound someone and even leave a lasting scar on both parties. When I say explosive, I mean power to change for the good!

As a therapist, I have heard many stories of people’s words and how they have impacted a client negatively. Most people know what it means to feel like you have to “walk on eggshells” around someone. In my practice, I am always trying to help people improve both their thoughts about events by updating them or changing them in some way that helps heal old wounds. Words of the past that have wounded can actually be shifted dynamically when they are updated and renewed in some way. Words do create shattering effects until one learns not to let them in or let fear be the filter used when listening.

When you update your system to watch your own words, you become mindful of what other people say. At first, you may be so angry at people who are intimidating and quick-tempered and want to lash back or “walk on eggshells from being conditioned to fear” others’ words that are harsh and insensitive. However, as you keep practicing hearing your own words and how you speak and think about others, an interesting thing takes place. You are no longer afraid of explosions that come from hurtful words nor are you ready to fight back. YOU stand your own ground calmly and speak clearly in a balanced way.

I am sure you are thinking that I don’t know some of the people you have been exposed to that use anger to control others. While I do not know the specific people that have bullied you, I do know the “types” and patterns. That is how I am able to help you treat yourself to a new method that works. When you watch your own words and remain mindful in your intentions to change from fear to love, you begin to speak differently. There are less incidences of people treating you poorly with their words or somehow, they are taken out of your life (either by your own boundaries being used) or in some other way that you did not make happen.

We live in a world now of close connections. For example, there are two billion people on FB alone and many are using harsh words, but MANY are creating a ripple of positive quotes and showing pictures of fun and enjoyment. It has become a small world where you have the power to make a difference just by your expressions. When you are grounded in love, you don’t have to speak in all “nice” terms, you speak truth, but the words you use are a channel of power because they come from being grounded and centered in your true self. This attracts others to follow things you say and think! You will also put meaning and strength into your life that gives you confidence to elevate your words to encourage and help others find better ways to communicate their thoughts and ideas that will shape things for the good of all.

Blessings, Susan Frink Anderson new book:

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