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What is in the WELL of your Inner Dwelling?

Hindrances of our spiritual vision come in many forms. They can come from dealing with both physical and mental health issues as well as any outer circumstances that bother you. These are all hindrances because they affect our mind’s perception to feel well and in balance. Hindrances change the way we perceive which means they alter our perceptions of life in general.

Any outer circumstance or situation that “bothers” you can become a spiritual block. We all have these blocks and they are too complex and variable to discuss in a blog. The main thing to understand is that your mind is not your brain. Your brain is a computer with settings that were set by your human DNA and your perception of life from the time you entered the planet until now. Along the way, your brain and body received messages and your brain took them in according to your feelings at the time. They were then stored in your “mind.”

So, what is the mind? There are many varying opinions on what mind and spirit are, but you can be sure it does include how you think and see the world from your inner observer (you) and how you feel (emotions stored in the heart mind) and all other trainings and experiences that you “logged into” along the journey of your life. The main hindrance that is common to all humans is the split brain. The brain is divided into judgments of good and evil for the most part. Our decision-making is mostly about good and bad or right and wrong. So, we have free will to make choices depending on how we see anything. The spiritual mind is whole and integrated so it hears inner truth from a power greater than just the human brain that is contaminated by others and worldviews in general.

One hindrance that most humans are ignorant to (or ignore on purpose) is what is lurking below in the well of their inner being. Most humans prefer to live on the surface or slightly digging into deeper understanding, but very few take that deep continual trip into the confines of their deepest (sometimes, darkest self). That definitely hinders spiritual growth. There will be a superficial way of living that depends on blaming and judging. Blame is just another way of not taking responsibility for your own hindrances. Shifting blame onto a person, place or thing is what humans DO for the most part. This is how they make up their minds about things in general, and the brain “gets set” by the program you set up.

For example, if I can blame you for not relating to me the way I need, I can make up all kinds of judgments about you. These “fault findings” may or may not be true to you, but that doesn’t matter because they are true to “me,” or the observer. The next step is for “me” to find others who agree with “me” and now we set a norm that it is “your fault.” If you would just ________???___________, then I could be happy or we would get along better.” There is always that split of “if-then” that hinders finding joy in the present. If-then thinking keeps you stuck in the past or worried about the future.

Major hindrances to spiritual growth (that feels balanced and centered) in greater well being all come from within your deep well and what is dwelling in/on your mind. You are making up your mind to think and act out of your own observations because they “feel real” to you. The only way out is to begin digging deeper into your own thoughts and seek help to really SEE with spiritual eyes the things that are holding you back. Seek the Love that is unconditional from the Higher Power of God to show what is dwelling inside your mind that needs to be shifted into greater awakening of “YOU.”

Blessings, Susan Frink Anderson new book:

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