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I write my blogs on Human Treatment based on a lot of what I have experienced as a therapist. While I love all my clients and they are truly wonderful people, they are plagued with the same problem all humans experience; they lack love. At first, you may not think lack of love is the problem, but once you dig deeper, you will know that everyone wants to be loved unconditionally. Love is actually kind of an indefinite thing to most of us as we all have varying definitions of love.

When the love of God is poured into your heart by the Holy Spirit, you will have an idea of what it means to be loved and what it means to be treated with a lack of love. When we are treated to perfect love, there is no need to be insincere or pretend you are better than you really are so when you see others doing just that (pretending and defending), it can be irritating. Actually that irritation is a call for love. We want to be treated with love and kindness. We are made to be cared for and loved as God loves us. The problem with the irritation around others not treating you lovingly is that you are still prone to track with their unconsciousness instead of loving them in spite of their lack of love.

Treating others lovingly when they treat you poorly is challenging even with the help of the Holy Spirit. (YOU THINK!) We are just so humanly trained to give back what we are getting—like for like even when we don’t like what the other is giving. The only breakthrough to make it past this challenge is to treat yourself to the LOVE ONE ANOTHER program. Yes, drop your human program and pick up the newest update for your system. Love is the antidote for all ill will. By the way, do not try the “fake it until you make it” kind of love. That is not genuine and will not work. People know when you are phony and manipulating if they have any sense of awakening at all. Let God remove insincerity, pride and vanity. When you are humble, you are able to hear the Holy Spirit reveal that God loves you NOT because you are lovable but because it is His nature to love. He commands His followers to love with the same love He shows us (John 15:12).

He is saying that you will meet a number of people you don’t respect and who don’t respect you, but you are called to show HIS love to them. You will not be able to do that from a human heart. The human heart is wounded and has been hurt by lack of love from other humans (it doesn’t have to have been hurt by you, it is just hurting). The ONE way you bring love into a world of wounded souls is not from a patronizing love for lost souls, but brought in from making room for God’s love to invade you. Knowing you are loved by the Father of all humans puts a new perspective on how you treat others. If God loves them and YOU, can you do any less? This Source of love and the loving one another will not be evidenced overnight, but will be a practice and a way you live as you remember how well God treats you. The more you let God’s love in, the more capacity you have to love others. God’s divine love will remain and grow--when it is nurtured by God and you working together to pass it on to others. Love is spontaneous but it must be treated and maintained with daily discipline lest you fall back into old human habits when you are tired and weakened.

Blessings, Susan Frink Anderson new book:

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