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The power to speak blessings into your own life is right within you. Divine Awareness is one of the benefits of Spiritual practices. The more you read, study, pray, meditate, contemplate and spend time relating to the Holy Spirit within, the more power you have to call in things that direct your steps according to your desires. The Holy Spirit is focused on directing your steps to lead you away from the path that obstructs your best. Our Father has big plans for our future and we can speak the words that will help us stay on the path He has laid out for us.

Words released into the atmosphere first surround your head with sounds because they came out of your own mind and heart. You can tell if your inner environment is polluted by the words you choose to use. Power words may seem like they have no impact but when repeated over and over, you will begin to believe them and soon will be receiving the fruit of them. You see, God already has a storehouse of blessings set aside for you in the realm of spirit. When you practice spiritual blessing words of affirmation, they are released at the time you are ready to receive them.

How do you know when you are ready to receive blessings? Well, you are always ready if you are believing by faith, but you might not have enough room to know how to use them wisely so there are optimum times and conditions for manifestation. You can trust that you are creating optimum conditions if you are expressing with no doubt they will come true. Doubt is an obstacle that will keep you from remaining open so be sure to remove all doubt with the help of the Holy Spirit. It is much like weeding your garden. Doubt can choke out blessings.

Fear is another blocker to practicing using power words. Make sure you put more faith and trust in God than in your fears. The Spiritual practice of using power words is dependent on believing the promises God makes to you. You can undo blessings by lacking faith by the words you speak. Strong faith is the key to the blessings. Like any exercise, you have to use your faith muscle or it will not strengthen.

Practice, practice, practice your voice lessons using the power words connected to a loving heart and you cannot fail.

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