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Perfect Love Casting New Life and Light

Do you have a relationship with Perfect Love? I am imagining this question may bring up a lot of reactions and thoughts to your mind. Some may immediately think in terms of how the world defines love. Some may go immediately to the fact that only God gives perfect love. Others may bring up all the thoughts in between those.

For me, I do equate LOVE with One Author and that is God as I understand “Him.” I put HIM in quotes because I know God is outside of gender and any other descriptions humans may use. Of course, that is the main problem—humans have all sorts of concepts ABOUT God, but do not know His Presence of Perfect Love.

It is essential to know yourself (or any other person, place or thing), you must be in an intimate relationship with the Author of All things: AKA: God. Since God is Spirit, we need to have spirituality to see into God and let the Light of Spirit shine into your life. Apart from some form of spirituality, there will be human thinking based on knowledge and common beliefs. All humans have this program because we were trained in it so we could survive on planet earth. It is limited, however, since it does not REALLY see into the depths of your being. Only the presence of spirit can do that. In addition, there will be spirits that are in conflict with your essential self that will darken your understanding (even if you are really smart and able to gain tons of information). Our minds are always dark without the Light of Perfect love, which no human can give. Only God gives perfect love. All other love is perverted and based on conditioning (conditions with strings of all the imperfect humans attached to it).

Perfect Love is Divine because it comes from holy and sacred mind settings that clear up distortions in our inner lens (how we perceive things). Perfect love also gives us a new heart that is more forgiving, both of our self and the self of others. The new mind reminds us that we are not perfect and neither is anyone else. While we know that to be true, we are enslaved to a way of being that judges based on performance, not perfect love. The judgment mind is always making decisions with a double mind that is not able to be truly intimate. It is racing around trying to find comparisons to measure and evaluates self, others and actions.

Spiritual Intimacy with a Growing Mind that is based on a new life developing from God’s Perceptions gives new thoughts connected to knowing we are all loved by God. That One foundations gives rise to being cast from the Light, not being in the dark about things. New understandings flow in from truth and love in the Highest Power of Presence that knows all and is in all things. God is everywhere. Then, why don’t we see HIS goodness more? EASY answer: We don’t look for it. We look with human eyes that are trained to look for danger in order to survive. Looking (perceiving from knowing that I am cared for and will be loved no matter what frees me to rise above a judgment mind setting). It also sets my will free from human will. Human will is based on being enslaved to free will (sounds like an oxymoron). Having to make choices when you are in the dark and in fear is the old way of life.

New life with the HOLY Spirit communicating THE WILL of God gives intimacy into all things that matter to you. You are now connected to God mind, heart and spirit that are all in agreement. When there is discord, you will know how to listen for guidance on the way to proceed. All directions are now coming from THE LIGHT!

Blessings, Susan Frink Anderson new book:

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