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Practice makes perfect!

Do you believe that doing something over and over again is the way to learn to do it well? I imagine you know this to be true. I know my husband said that he became an excellent athlete by practicing over and over. He practiced all the sports he was interested in all the time. For example, he loved basketball and practiced shooting hoops over and over. He had a great eye for his shots from all that practice. He also liked to play with people who were better and knew more than he did so he could learn and compete in those relationships.

Living the spiritual life is like that. It takes practice. We are so immature and unknowing when it comes to the spiritual way of living. We are trained to live in the habits of humans. Developing spiritual eyes and ears requires practice. We keep showing up each day to learn and study from the Master. Just like my husband wanting to learn from others who already knew things he did not know, we need to study from the ONE who knows all we need to learn and just the practices we need.

The practice to make perfect is life long but it is very important to become aware this is what we are doing. It is not to think of yourself as perfect but that a Perfect Being through spiritual practice connecting with His Spirit is making you perfect. His Spirit knows the holy road and the paths to take to stay on it. Perfect in the spiritual realm does not mean excellent with no need to keep practicing. It means complete and without faults.

I will elaborate on the “without faults” part. When you see yourself as amazing and without faults, you are free to explore in ways that do not hinder your practice. YOU imagine pleasing the Father (who is already pleased with you). As an earthly father, you do not expect your kids to be perfect, but you see them perfect and you keep raising them to be more and more perfect. The difference with Our Heavenly Father is that He has His purpose in mind and it is not based on behaviors, but on Identity in the Way HE made you and sees you finished.

Jesus resurrection gave each one of us the perfect way to become perfect and whole. He paved the way to complete. He even said we would do greater things than He did. You can study under His Holy Spirit and have the knowing you have His absolute backup and light in all things. You can be exact as a reproduction and representative of perfection as the Holy Spirit grows and in dwells you. You are being made ideal!

The ideal self is flawless, yet ever-changing into greater perfection. Each level of achievement knowing that it is God’s spirit working through you as He is “in you” running things in harmony with His purpose helps you rise higher and have more influence. Improvements in your mind-body-spirit connections are being made stronger each day as the old human habits fall away (like shedding old skin). Are YOU practicing with the understanding YOU are a new being “made perfect?” I hope and believe so!

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