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Everything that happens revolves around two elements: thoughts and words. Think about this statement and meditate on it for a moment. Thoughts and words are actually magnets. The contain the energy to mold and shape your destiny. Each one of us has a choice on what we believe and how we receive the thoughts and words that make up our beliefs and belief systems. WE can actually hinder our life by crushing our spirit with our own tongue. Yes, that is truth.

As a professional counselor, I have heard hundreds and hundreds of stories that boil down to one word. They are all fiction. They are made up in the minds of the person speaking them. I am not saying they are not true to the person using their tongue to speak them. I am saying that their perceptions are just that, their own meaning of whatever they are talking about. They are telling a story. I love to hear the stories because it is part of my job to help pull out some of the distortions so the person can use new thoughts and words to tell a new story. Don’t get me wrong. I do not tell them to change their story. I just ask if they are happy in the place their words and thoughts are taking them and usually they are very unhappy.

Our biggest hindrance to spiritual growth is self sabotage using that mouth right under our nose. But, the mouth only speaks what comes from the heart that tells the mind how to think about something. When it is raw and broken, the heart tells the worst stories of pain and suffering. The story usually contains a character or two that has “wronged” the person so there is also the hindrance of blame and shame on their tongue. Do you think this tongue will have power to rise above anxiety or depression? The answer is most likely not because it is stuck in a mode of disempowerment—telling the mind to think disempowering thoughts that will not help them rise above the story.

You may be thinking that there are just some stories that are so awful they must be talked about and thought about as wrong and horrific. I agree with you 100%. How many times do you imagine that story must be told? Telling a story with the same old slant over and over is like digging your own grave. Soon, you are so deep into it, you cannot get out because it has become your identity. Even though it is burying you, you are trapped in it and let it crush you or leave you trapped with no way out.

The power to shift and rise above terrible circumstances and situations is in the tongue. When you use your voice, use it powerfully with intention to change. Use it to declare and shape the best you can imagine vs. focusing on the worst and bringing more of that into existence. Whatever is in you will eventually come out so it is okay to have the worst come out, but don’t let that be the last word! Bring out the awful and give it a new life. Tell it to leave and usher in better and best over and over. Once you understand that the Spiritual Realm has the power, you will begin to tap into the highest form of your own spirit to connect with the Highest Spirit of God. God is the Spirit of Love and will help you if you do not hinder that with your own words and thoughts that will block that help. The choice is yours to make!

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