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The “E-State” of our Thoughts

My last blog was about the misconceptions we make depending on our individual perceptions. I wrote that we know how to treat others when we are balanced by the mind and heart of God. One of the major hindrances of poor treatment of self and others is to stay in a divided mind. The mind that is using human judgments to run a life is the mind that is hindered and limited. WE are all in lack of knowing absolute truth. A Spiritual Seeker desires truth but may be hindered by false thoughts. How do false thoughts get set up? They are conditioned by the state of our feelings. Our feelings can be strong, weak, or unconscious to us.

If you are not taking time to know the emotional state of your feelings, you are out of balance and will be operating under the influence of faulty thoughts. One sure way to check in to see how much your thoughts are hindered by faulty thinking is to see how much you FIND FAULT with others (or your own self). Any form of fault- finding is a sure indicator you are influenced by negative and critical thinking. God’s plan is for us to hear His Voice to influence our thoughts. He is the author of all lives so He knows best. He wants to transform the state of your being by changing your thoughts to match His will.

All humans have feelings that need healing. Our hearts and souls are under constant attack and accusing. Only God’s love can take away the shadows and hurts of these wounds. He has the healing to show us the truth of ourselves and others. WE can trade our pain for gain in freedom to know the truth that sets us free from emotional bondages. The past, present and future belong to our Perfect Parent who is willing to perfect us through our minds and hearts getting reconnected to the Holy Spirit. Thoughts formed from head knowledge will continue to look for what is wrong and continue to skew our perceptual understanding.

Once we give our hearts and minds over to One Master, we gain a new mind that reshapes our wills and thoughts to a Higher “E-State” of being. Our being is no longer just a human being without a compass. WE have a renewed mind—with new wiring and connections to Source Love. Like faulty wiring in any building, we will not have resistance (coping defenses) in our circuits that hinder truth to flow. Our job is to give our box of pain and defensive coping layers to God. Old thoughts from immaturity get to grow up under the influence of unconditional love that requires no defense. WE are being made perfect according to the Christ in us who is already made perfect. Under the new mind of influence our hearts and minds become full and undivided. A new spirit softens our perspectives on self and others.

Our thoughts align with the Mind of God in whose image we are made to think so emotional maturity and spiritual maturity are in sync. Our life becomes deeper and richer in every way as we die to the old way of thinking and feeling. We now celebrate our new nature and its desires since it is the Holy Spirit directly directing all our inner being. We are free from deceptions about our identity. As we know God and his love, approval, security, significance and all the ways he sees us in his image, performing to try to win approval of others will no longer hinder us.

It is enough that our perfect father approves us. Jesus modeled this relationship well. Once we see our weaknesses and inadequacies as gifts for giving to God, we are reminded over and over of our dependency on his perfect love. We are free from trying to impress Him or do works for him. We are free to listen to his spirit leading us to be all he created aided us to be and continue that healing process the rest of our lives. Our thoughts are in Highest Estate under our new creature being led to know how to think and feel in alignment with Our Father’s Love.

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