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I have always been interested in the mind of mankind. It began early in my life as I tried to understand why people were angry or what made them sad, mad or glad. I would watch and listen to every conversation and take it all in. Of course, in hindsight, I can SEE that I was trying to figure out some of the “crazy” things humans do. You could say that I am an observer of human nature. Also, looking back, I know I am in the crazy group called mankind. I had to gain maturity to understand more and more of what is really going on in the mind of humans.

I will tell you that I still do not understand “why” humans behave as they do as much as I see and know patterns OF their behaviors and can figure out the roots or derivatives of those patterns. I love mysteries and so it was natural that I would be on the lookout for clues, watching and monitoring to learn more about the mystery of the mind. What I did NOT know until a couple of decades ago, is the difference between the brain and the mind. The brain is a computer and the mind is what runs the computer. The problem with dysfunctional behavior in humans is that they let their brain be programmed by outer influences more than an inner observer that was monitoring their heart and spirit.

The heart can be very deceptive when it is offline to the mind. For example, it can go “crazy” over something that head knowledge (rational mind) knows is going to be harmful (like drugs or unprotected sex with strangers) and go ahead and do it anyway. When you have your mind, heart and spirit connected by a Spiritual practice that rules your mind, you may still make decisions not in your best interest. However, there is a difference in having a Higher Power that connects to your mind than in letting your ego run things. God’s Power is holy and wants to help you steer clear of temptations that will give you trouble.

When you have a daily spiritual practice of meditating and communing with the Holy Spirit of God, you will gain new understanding and have a new WATCH! The watch is an inner observer. WE all have an inner observer or two—some, maybe more depending on the confusion you carry. The inner observer in humans is a critic that guards you to a limited degree. The inner observer surrendered to the Power of the Holy Spirit over time has the advantage of having 24/7 knowing. The spiritual man wants God’s Spirit to take over and lead because he knows from experience he is lost without this renewed mind. He becomes a Being of Higher Awakening who is aware of a personal guidance system for his life.

The new watch from the perception of the Holy Spirit opens the mind to connect with the heart of God that is all-good and has only the best intentions for you. When you meet with the Holy Spirit as a daily practice, you are given a witness to see and spot for you all day long. This inner knowing is not confusing and has comments or transmissions to help you in all things you face. Are you practicing using this new WATCH that senses in ways humans operating without it cannot?

Blessings, Susan Frink Anderson new book:

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