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The Image of Divine Love

I Am Made in the Image Of Divine Love. Therefore, I have a pure love form to access right within the essence of me! What would change if I drew my internal self image from the Creator of all? What would it feel like to know ‘me,’ as I am known by the One Who first Created my first image-everything I am now or ever will dream to be from Perfect Love?

In order to answer these questions, I know it is up to me to focus and pay attention to the Source of All that is Authored by Perfect and Lovely. The truth is that it is easy to keep shifting focus to an internalized view when I trust that I am made innocent in the eyes of God and that cannot be changed. Evolving from within the heart of God as a parent helps me become more transparent and honest in all I say and do as I trust there is no judgment here. There is simply molding and shaping me to return to the Source of Love and hear real truth from inside a sound mind.

This truth sets me free from all the encumbrances of the world’s opinions of me when I form my relationship with my self within His relationship with ‘my self.’ My true self contains the truth of me and continuously promotes growth in me from the Source of Perfect Love.



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