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Love Others as You Love Yourself at all costs

Writing the best prescription for the best practice in your mental health conditioning is easy. The prescription is LOVE. Love means to treat others with tender affection and show kindness to them. In our culture and in the minds of most Western civilizations, love has been so confused that we do not know how to love purely. We have mixed it with sex or other lower forms of love like narcissism. The Highest form of Love is Divine or Holy Love. This comes from the Source or Creator of Love and all of its forms. That Author is God.

When you draw Love from God, you are able to expand your mind from hating anything. Hatred splits your mind and darkens it or pulls the shades of love. For example, most people love the people who give them no grief or do not “make” them mad. The truth is that mindset will be very limited and most anyone can do that. It takes expansion to love and forgive those who hurt you. However, when you do, it expands your inner space away from hatred. It actually straightens out the twisted mind or one that is shadowed with bitterness and hanging onto old wounds.

The mind of Love that can connect to Presence of Love is one that can live in the present and not keep tripping over the past or getting tripped up (triggered) by it. The old memories of the past are very tricky and they come back to bite you in the same way you are harboring judgments or hard feelings. Over time, those hard feelings actually harden and stop the flow of love. When a person becomes cold, detached, and uncaring, you can be sure they are carrying old hurts that have not been healed.

The best currency you can invest in is to appreciate your inner self enough to love YOU. Yes, love all of you-the good, bad and ugly. Those are your enemies. When Jesus said to love your enemies, He did us a favor because many of the traits of our enemies live right inside us even though we lie and cover them up. I can hear you protesting right now thinking you would never do “such and such.” Oh, yes you would, given the right (or wrong) circumstances and the background experience that leads to that behavior. Trust me, I have had some wonderful clients in therapy who have done some despicable things and you are no exception to that either. WE all have our less than stellar qualities that cannot be compared to others. Why not compare? YOU do not have the same background or experiences occurring as anyone else. Just be glad for you and love all of you and let God redeem the parts of you need healing.

When you love God, and know He loves you, there is nothing to fear. You can practice from your loving spirit to connect with the Love of Christ and let that love arise in you. As you continue forming habits and thoughts with the Help of the Holy Spirit, you change over time. YOU gain understanding of your inner self and you Journey or Join with the Mind of Christ to show you how to love someone who is behaving unlovable. I am not saying they become your best friend, but you are able to love and pray for them in a way that God hears and answers. This is how we help treat ourselves to best treatment of our own self and that of others. Keep drawing from the deep well of love that God offers and you will know and grow exponentially. That is an investment that appreciates in ways that benefit you more than you can imagine until you begin to live that way. Trust God in this and see.

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