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Meditation Mindfully focused to connect spirit in you to deeper Holy Spirit Essence

Many people are caught up in the practice of mindfulness or meditation. Many feel they need this time to connect with the deeper parts of themselves that lay below the level of what we “think of” as consciousness. It is true that we have deeper parts of our being that many humans are not accessing. Humans often live on the surface of their understanding and limit themselves to the quiet practices of prayer or meditation. There are so many research studies available now that show us the value of meditation and prayer to relieve stress and to help settle us down.

Are all spiritual practices of meditation the same? Great question!!! No, they are not. Some who practice mindfulness just get into a quiet position to empty their mind of all things so they can just find inner peace. Of course, this is very helpful and will alleviate out anxiety and even train the brain to desire more time to meditate. Finding a peaceful place away from the noisy world is a very good thing. Prayer is another form of quieting the mind. It is designed to let go of the outer stresses that seem out of control. However, many people pray in a lot of different ways and do not even get to empty their mind or leave the issue with God because they are filled with other things like worry, fear and other lower energies.

The kind of meditation and prayer I advocate is coming from a desire to relate to the Highest Spirit given to us from Christ. This Spirit is called the Holy Spirit. Yes, He calls us to empty our mind of outer world worries and enter into the place of quiet prayer and meditation. Most people do not understand the impossibility to get the noise “in their head” quiet enough to be empty while still listening to the Voice that will help find inner peace. That is because they are not taught that the Holy Spirit is a person. When you have a relatio

nship with God through Jesus, you get a Spirit Guide as your helper to “act” on your behalf. This includes giving you a peace to pass human understanding.

Think about what I am saying. YOU as your human self cannot create inner and lasting peace. That is impossible and absurd to think you can without HELP from a Higher Power that will transform the process of HOW you think and WHO you think from (in the forming of your perceptions). Meditation and Mindfulness without the Holy Helper can achieve peace just by telling the brain to calm down but they will only be at the level of calm, serene and other positive postures. The Holy Spirit rises you above those levels because He is a Spiritual Being that enters in with a VOICE that guides you personally and speaks to tell you the steps you need to take and the direction in which to go.

This Voice must be cultivated to be heard. The Voice is gentle, like a kind Holy Mentor who does not tell you what to DO, but helps YOU sync with ways that are designed to help you both individually and with others outside you. This is why it is called a Practice. YOU practice hanging out, listening, and working out issues with the Helper. You become familiar with the practice by showing up with ears to hear.

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