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Relationship Healing Responses

One of the hardest things to do is know how to heal relationships that have hurt and keep on hurting us. The BEST practice is to get the First Relationship that got messed up healed. I am speaking about your relationship with your Father. I mean your Heavenly Father. YOU fell down and got hurt and wandered around in a daze not remembering your identity so you identified with the human animal you are in your body. That was the first relationship that needed healing.

Your Father kindly covered you with His love, but you had to work hard to rise up through the ranks of His Business. Along the way, your messed up mind associated more and more with the relationships here on earth over the one with your Father. Your head got screwed up with crazy and crazies. Now, who are the crazies? They are the other human animals just like you. No one escaped this human drama. We all got taken over by our wandering minds full of fear and deception.

How do you heal? The BEST plan again comes from God. His Word is to Love everyone and begin with His love. Receive a new conception—birthed by the Holy Spirit from Christ, you can get a renewed mind that isn’t crazy or filled with non-sense. It doesn’t happen overnight. You are delivered but it is not overnight express. YOU have to learn to walk all over again as well as how to talk, see, hear and all the good communication skills any healthy relationship requires. As you relate to God, He sends more and more love to fill you so you can give it to others.

Relationship healing with the humans who have hurt you, especially those closest to you, is not easy at first. However, God is in the building business and He builds you up enough so that others tearing you down does not hurt as much. YOU see what is going on with new eyes and you perceive everything from a new mindset. You are able to respond in loving ways vs. fight or flight responses that just avoid or defend the old you.

God planned for us to learn from those who hurt us and those who help us. That is the balance of good and evil. You may wonder how you can learn from someone who has abused you. One way is that it forces you to seek God in deeper practices and to talk to Him about your hurts. As you do this, you find comfort and healing that no human can give you anyway. Counselors like me are just conduits to point to God’s love. We do not heal. YOU heal with the help of God. Think of it this way. Your doctor does not heal you. He relates to your condition and does what he can to help your body heal you.

All relationships can be sources of healing if we apply the balm of love from God to our wounded self first. Then, when we are stronger, we can share more of that love with others as we have more room to receive it from God. It is process and the journey is well worth the practice. Healing is the business we can all enter into when we come form the Love of God in an intimate relationship with Source love.

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