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The Fast Track to Practicing Holy Spirit Help

In my previous blog, I wrote about Spiritual Intimacy and the Holy Spirit as the agent for continual change. I want to follow up with Powerful Practices that allow you to actually accelerate closeness with the Holy Spirit Himself. What do I mean by that? Well, it is one thing to delight in the Lord and desire to connect with Him by knowing the Holy Spirit is a Helper for that and quite another to know how to quicken that helping relationship.

I really feel we fail believers by not emphasizing that the Holy Spirit is actually a Channel for Oneness with God. The Holy Spirit has so many powerful “features” that He is the One and ONLY channel you need! He is not some vague ethereal life force as some would describe Him. He is a person equal in every way with God because He is God. He has all the characteristics of God and is equal to the Father and Son. What we don’t usually teach or focus on is that the Holy Spirit is alive in you and will help you grow as you TUNE into Him each day.

He will give you understanding because He is composed of intellect, emotions and will---just like you only yours as a human are often in opposition to God. He (the Holy Spirit) is the same as God! Yes, I said human nature is in opposition to God. There is hostility between man and God because humans “want what they want” and will try to DO things apart from God (you know, like edge God out of making all the decisions for their lives). Edge God Out….E.G.O. The powerful practice of the ego is always going rogue. This creates a lot of obstruction for the Holy Spirit to help with, which is why God’s plan is to create a whole new HOLY being inside you. YOU cannot do that without the full time Help of the Holy Spirit.

Man knows the things of man and the spirit of human man that is in him. The Holy Spirit knows your spirit and the Spirit of God. He is the only power that can reunite those two warring factions. The dual mind of man (conflict between good and evil) will lean in all directions without the stable power of the Holy Spirit.

So, what is my advice for a spiritual Power Practice? Get in touch with the Holy Spirit immediately. Make the call like you would if you were told you could get in touch with a famous person that would give you wisdom, affection, favor, insight, show you things to come, teach you everything you need to know, be your lawyer, give you power and high office, give you leadership skills and so many other things. The BEST power you receive will be the ability to know how to treat yourself as a son or daughter of the Most High.

Spend time with the Holy Spirit asking for help and listening for His Way…that is: find out how He speaks to you—or how you know it is the Holy Spirit vs. your own human will. You can “do” this through prayer and meditation until those things become a habit you do without ceasing! Put yourself under the influence of this training at once so you can be on the fast track to having a full time Assistant!

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