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Treating Yourself to Powerful Healing Help

In my profession as a therapist, I am always looking for ways to help cure disorders in the weak areas in people’s lives. Many treatments focus on what is wrong or the disorder itself. For example, psychology has a reference guide called the DSM V that is filled with psychological disorders. The most familiar ones to most people are anxiety and depression. Those two create enormous havoc inside people’s minds and impair their physical health as well.

From my perspective, there is no cure apart from including spiritual help. Many of my clients will say they are not religious. However, most all will consider themselves spiritual or at least understand they have a spirit. Treatment for any human who is seeking mental health guidance must include all areas of their being - mind, body and spirit. They are all connected. When the mind is out of order or chaotic, the person may not take care of their inner spirit or their body very well. What usually occurs is that there is imbalance and one area (mind, body or spirit) has received way more attention than the others.

In order to be well treated, you must treat all areas of your being very well. You cannot just change the cognitive aspects of you and think all the other areas will fall into perfect balance. It will help to shape behavioral improvement but we are much more than an intellect who behaves and has certain good self care habits. Our spirit needs to be fed with love and attention from the Spiritual Realm. The Holy Spirit helps us get stability and balance.

How does that look or work? Well, first you need to know that you are deeply loved by your Creator - God. God is a Power with the same emotions as you. If you are only connecting with other humans on an emotional level, your “wounded” spiritual parts may be lacking in many ways. For example, apart from the Power of the Holy Spirit, your mind will have disorder (double-minded and confused at times) and understanding will be shadowed or darkened. Your heart will be in definite need of renewal because wounded hearts are always at risk for fearing vulnerability. You will do things and be enslaved to the point where you will be unable to make the changes you actually would like to make.

Human treatment needs a complete makeover and takeover. This is a process and does not happen overnight. It does require understanding that your nervous system has been conditioned to respond to outside stimuli. You have been conditioned by other humans to respond in ways that were taught to you and have caused you to adapt to the outer world much more than your inner world. That must change or you will continually live reactively vs. proactively. YOU cannot do this apart from the help of an inner connection with true self. That help you need is given through the Power of the Holy Spirit. Once you make that connection, you are under a stream of influence that will continue to treat you to wellness after wellness in mind, body and spirit. Treat yourself to seek this Powerful Healing Helper one day at a time!

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