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The Narrow Way of the Journey In to Truth and Life

The desire for close personal relationships is familiar to every child. Children want to connect and be close to others unless they have some kind of disorder that is keeping them from being able to do that. Most children love the attention of others and enjoy playing with them. It is innate in us to want to connect to feelings of love. The word in English for close connections, person to person is intimacy. Unfortunately, the word has come to mean only sexual intimacy. Of course, we all know there is much more than that going into true intimacy.

This is the reason I include Spiritual Intimacy as a major part of my blog. Without Spiritual Intimacy with the Source of Love, there is no true intimacy. There is the sexual, of course, which feels good to the body or physical being we live in. Again, you can be sexual and still feel disconnected and not close except for that physical connection during the sexual act and the past memory associated with it.

True intimacy requires deeper levels of connection that draw us close to each other. This kind of intimacy begins with the Author Of Intimacy, God. He is the Source energy of emotions and the feelings that emanate from them. Being in a close relationship with the Spirit of God (Holy Spirit) gives a confidence that there is a Higher Power looking out for you and ONE that truly loves and cares about you at the deepest levels of your soul. A tenderness is felt when you spend time praying, meditating, reading His Words and feeling His loving affection warm up your inner being. If you are not feeling this with God, you are most likely blocked or somewhat numb to your true self.

As children, we often get our “feelings” hurt and we begin to shut down that desire for a close relationship because it is instinctual to pull back from being hurt. We may also feel that someone will smother us or require too much of us so we shut down feelings. This can happen when a mother smothers or hovers over her child to control his/her feelings or make them her own (living vicariously through the child). We all adapt to adjust to the pain and suffering in this world. This changes our brain to think we need to hide our feelings. Once we do that, we do more hiding. This sets in a stage of separation where we feel separated from each other and from God.

Spiritual Intimacy asks us to open up again to our inner self - that true spirit that still has life within our being. It may be locked deep in our core but it is still there. The Power of the Holy Spirit will help unlock your true self and awaken you to feel again. At first, this kind of intimacy may be painful because you are letting go of the defense walls you put up and the others in your life see you a certain way and do not want you to change. All of this letting go is a process as you become aware of your true reality—the one you lived in once upon a time.

The Once Upon a Time reality will continue to unfold as you let go of the “story” you made up to survive the painful times. The real story of you from God’s viewpoint is so much better written, you will want to find out more about the mystery of you. I call this “My Story” being Re-storied by the Original Author. Of course, the Author is God who created your story. He did not write the first one to cause you pain and suffering but He will heal that story and throw out the lies you once believed about yourself and God. Intimacy with the Source of Love is the first order of business you want to seek this year….everyday and every moment, get in touch with the new life born in you. The Holy Spirit will message the WAY, the truth and the new life you are meant to live. Get quiet and spend time with God to uncover the narrow WAY!

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