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The Way to Treat Yourself to A Well (Spirit) Being

THE WAY or the approach you use to treat yourself to wellness can vary. Some people focus mainly on their body or physical being. Of course, this is a good thing, but it would be like only taking partial care of a pet. Maybe you would just brush your dog and fed him, but you never paid any attention to his spirit or trained him to be obedient. Think of how limited you will be if you just take care of your body but do not treat your mind and spirit well. We are made up of those three important parts and they all need to be well treated in order to run well.

Many people think they are taking good care of their mind when they study or learn new things. What they are really doing is taking good care of their intellect. The mind is a vast territory. It does include our body cellular memory as well as the deeper layers of our inner being. The brain is merely the computer that runs the programs of our systems. Some run automatically and are set to keep running even when we are not awake to them. This is how our heart and lungs work. We keep breathing and heart pumps even while we are sleeping. These are some of the programs of the subconscious.

If we do not know that our mind consists of a subconscious and a conscious, we are apt to think that our conscious mind is all there is. It is actually the subconscious that contains the majority of our mind’s territory. This is why it is important to cultivate creativity and to listen to what your heart and soul are telling you. They are centers of the subconscious that need to be tapped. They are rich in resources. They can also be poor in spirit if they have not been affirmed or are in lack of attention. We call these areas the shadows or our unconscious parts. Many humans do not want to venture into the depths of their “mine” that is below the surface.

Like a cave, a cavern, or a literal mine, our subconscious is filled with all kinds of interesting things and scary things as well. Going under-ground or below the places we have created as a safe ground can appear like falling into an abyss at first. However, once you begin digging, you will be fascinated at what is there below the surface. The place is filled with YOU and times in your past that need visiting so you can clean up the mess you left back there-lots of unresolved “shadows” that are clouding up your brain and taking up unnecessary space. These old files need sorting and cleaning, like a cluttered closet. The clutter is a lot of emotional grief that has not been updated.

Updating your systems within is treating yourself to run more smoothly. It is somewhat analogous to the programs on your computer. It is important to update the “ios” to the latest so your software will run efficiently and properly. WE are hardwired to be able to give and receive love openly. When we do not use all of our being in a holistic way, we are unable to receive holy love. This love is unconditional and reconditions us to open up and create more space. It also runs new software with updated data from our Father on who we are to Him.

Human treatment has to happen within. You have to get connected to the Holy Spirit so you can have a line to the Divine. That way you can go down into the darkness with the LIGHT and not be fearful of what you find. YOU can gently feel the line that will pull you back up and take you higher than you were before. The process of going down is to unlock the depression from the depressing situations you endured and relieve the pressure of those (anxiety). You find balance and actually a real ground to anchor in-Christ, the rock solid core in all of us that is light and love.

Opening up to this inner core that shines light and truth into every shadow and fear of death is what creates a new creature in us. We feel loved, like a child needs. We feel precious, like a child needs. We feel supported, like a child needs. With our childish needs met, we have no need to behave childish or foolish. There is a path of truth that opens up. There is a new journey to take that keeps opening doors so we can progress with ease instead of treating ourselves to DIS-EASE within (anxiety). God has a perfect system as we are treated to His Love, our old disease and self hatred fall off as we gain respect for God and the self He made in us.

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