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Practicing Keeping Your Mind Fixed

I have given several tools and strategies for the way to keep your attitude healthy to clear your mind of the emotional clutter and to keep your relationship with God, self and others clean. There is no better way to practice using these tools than to get a focus each day that sets you in the practice of spending time to “set the day.” In reality, the day begins the night before as you enter your rest and sleep for the night. It is a wise practice to let go of one day’s clutter or things that bothered you before you go to sleep. This keeps anxiety and other unruly intrusions out during the night.

As you wake up each morning, ask for your first thoughts for the day to be set on the positive mind you want to keep during the day. If you have had a good night’s sleep, you will feel rested. Then, as you prayerfully ask for help before you even get out of bed, you are setting your focus to depend on God. The Holy Spirit is your helper and He will help you arise and wake up slowly if you are getting up with enough time to spend at least 15 minutes on your meditation or daily readings for the day. (NOTE: If you have not signed up to subscribe to my daily Holygrams delivered to your mailbox, please do so on this site. They are short helpers to fix your focus on a message for the day. This way, you have nothing to look up or work to do. You just read them and meditate and prepare for your day).

Giving the first fruits of your day over to God and asking for His help for the day is amazing. I have done it for years. It is what keeps me more centered and grounded with the ability to not be reactive to the external world all day. Without this practice, I used to have the external world come at me or dictate how I lived. It was a life based on circumstances and situations rather than living from my inner being for my direction. Remember, this is a process. You can get up and do your meditations and still be set off by others or something in the external. This is not about getting it perfect just because you meditated.

The practice is to set your intention on fixing your mind to be owned by God and not driven by the noise “out there.” When you are internally set, your internal eyes perceive things differently. You are able to stay focused on what you want and how you want to live vs. having others or circumstances dictate your lifestyle. Each day is a reset! Be gentle with yourself as you let the pressure of yesterday go and you take on only one day at a time. I am not saying that you do not plan ahead. I am saying you LIVE out of the present day, not frustrated or in anxiety about what is coming up next-future oriented living. I am saying to let the past become history that is cleared. You cannot let that be your lens for today. Make each day fresh and new.

Lastly, begin to see that you “make up your mind.” YOU decide how to think and feel. YOU are the driver and you have a choice to know you can make meaning out of things in many different ways. Practice seeing things from different angles and ask God to help you see things the way that is BEST. You will hear if you ask and expect to hear. YOU have to listen, however. Fix your mind on things “above” and that means to just make your list for today, fix your mind on the Helper and keep that your focus all day long.

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