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Treatment of Letting Go to God

So many times, you will hear just to let go and let God. We hear it so often that we may not stop to consider what that might entail. If it is just a saying, it probably has no substance. In order for something to be a treatment of wellness and healing, it has to be practiced, rehearsed, understood, chewed on and an intention set that it is something you want deeply from the center of your Being.

Letting go involves giving yourself permission to not have to “get even” when it comes to relationships. People have personalities in their human programming and they do things that hurt others because they are hurt. When people hurt others, they are operating out of a wounded part of themselves. This is the main reason you do not want to get involved in trying to hurt back. YOU will get poisoned by that hurt. This is how the human wheel of suffering keeps going round and round, spinning and recycling pain. YOU can give yourself permission to get off the wheel.

Letting go also involves developing a mindset that you have a Higher Power within you that has POWER. This Power is God and He has laws that are set in motion to take care of hurts if you step out of the way. You may not see or understand how it will happen, but you need to exercise your spiritual muscles to trust it will. This is part of the treatment: exercise your spiritual muscles of knowing and placing faith in God to make all things right.

Letting go involves understanding that you were born with human genes that could be conditioned to believe in fear and other survival skills that protected you as a child. The problem is that you were trained by another human who had adult fears and other things that put you in a program that separated you (in your mind) from God and made you think from ego (edging God out or putting Him off to the side). You have to understand that you are NOT separated from God except in your thinking and conditioning. God promises to never leave us. Letting go of false beliefs that tell you otherwise is a big deal to treat yourself to.

Letting God is a process. You begin by letting a little go and then, a little more. As you maintain a spiritual path and keep on it, you treat yourself to a new system of beliefs. You follow love and are disciplined to serve love over fear. As you keep walking on that path, more light and trust enlighten your mind. You treat yourself to stepping more and more into the light of the Loving Presence of God. You open your mind to know that you are not “bound” to the past or to the lies of others. You find out that you are not “bound” to anyone or anything but God and His love. The more you let go of needing to “be” a certain way, you get more freedom to know Truth. The more truth you know, the more emancipated you become.

Letting go begins to mean to let go of all things that you allow to treat you poorly or less than and you surrender them over to God. Trust in God deepens as you dwell in a Higher plane that has the power to overcome because the Holy Spirit comes over and helps you in all things, but you have to ASK and keep asking for that help!

Blessings, Susan Frink Anderson new book:

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