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There are many who believe that being a skeptic or critical thinker is essential and meaningful in our search for truth. Skeptics are typical people who disbelieve things and doubt them to be true. Skepticism is much more about the process of finding a supported conclusion, not just the justifying of a preconceived notion. Everyone is a skeptic to some degree (which is helpful). Otherwise, our world would be filled with much naiveté.

The problem with skepticism is that not everything can be proven by the scientific method, especially if the scientist is not a believer in God. There is always a bias in the human mind. It is split and has many schisms due to teaching, conditioning and experience. There is very little way to get rid of it as it is part of the human condition. I am sure some scientist skeptic could prove me wrong on this based on some scientific study. I do want to say that not all skepticism is a hindrance. I also want to say that the line between being a true skeptic and having the ability to have faith in the supernatural or extraordinary is very challenging.

So, what are we to do if we are to take things on faith on our Spiritual Journey? There are lots of ways to think or speak about it such as Reagan’s famous line of “trust but verify.” The problem is that to verify, you must prove or confirm. Think how confusing it is to believe in God but verify Him. God does not need validating. He is Real and only not real to those who do not know Him through a relationship that is personal and not often verifiable. His Holy Spirit gives an inner knowing to each individual. He also speaks through resonance in spirit where two or more KNOW something to be true of God but it still cannot be proven.

Anecdotal evidence and personal testimonies cannot be tested, so they generally aren’t useful to the skeptic or scientific method. Responsible skeptics would not go for trusting in these. Are you beginning to see the challenge for the skeptic to make the spiritual walk a way of life? There are many skeptics who have set out to disprove God that were actually converted through that process into believing so there is hope for a skeptic. Most, however, do not set out to disprove but rather search for truth among the facts of the physical realm. Things that violate those are not given much attention by skeptics.

I am writing a blog about skepticism because I think there is a need to highlight all beliefs. Many skeptics are so good at writing and pronouncing things as “facts” that we get confused if we listen to their hard science too much. On the other hand, the skeptics in the church camp who will not believe any hard science are also problematic as they believe they have all the facts and use Scripture according to their own interpretation to prove their own false beliefs.

My belief is that we are all on a journey and could help each other along by not being too extreme in anything apart from faith in a Higher Power that is waiting to help you find all the answers in the Answer Key. That power is the Holy Spirit of God that will be given when you seriously seek to Know God and to connect through faith in the Son of God. YOU and I are all sons and daughters of God. He wants us to know Him and has given us a way as the sons and daughters of humans to gain the Christ mind that will open up ways of knowing things whether you began as a skeptic or someone that was naiive and just believing the religion of their family without seeking a personal journey with Father of all faith! If you haven’t taken serious time to move beyond your limited human conditioning regarding the supernatural, what are you waiting for?

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