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The Divine Dance

The Journey of Love with God has often been broken into four acts of a play. Act 1 is all about Creation. Act 2 is all about the fall of man. Act 3 is about Redemption and Act 4 is Restoration. Some describe this as a dance, but not just any dance, a Divine Dance. Jesus said that when you join with Him in Spirit, you get a new life. The new life in Christ gives you a new mind, heart and a wake up to your true spiritual self.

When framed this way, one wonders why everyone would not want to take Him up on His offer to fill up their dance card. It is a good question to ponder, but one that has no simple answer. The gospel writer John describes Jesus as the Son living in the bosom of the Father for all eternity. Again, what intimacy, right? Who wouldn’t want their bosom filled with the bosom of God’s nurture and unconditional love? God even makes Himself available in three forms so we can see even deeper into His love.

The Trinity is the Father, God, and His Son (just as we are sons and daughters) and the Holy Spirit that lives to glorify the Father. When we are enlightened by that light essence, we are enabled to give God His glory because we are aware who is guiding us with a new power that is above our human capability. Glorify also means to enjoy, give praise, and be delighted. Think of David who played his harp and wrote the Psalms to glorify God. Think also of all the things people “harp” about that does not promote an enjoyable dance!

Under the influence of the Divine Dance, we are all connected to the Vine (Son of God’s Spirit) through love and harmony. We are in the state of atonement (reconciled to God for trying to live from human weaknesses instead of trusting God). This atonement gives us a freed position from human lack and limits of our world. The atonement tunes us into the Spirit of God without guilt or fear of being condemned. It fills us with abundant affection from God. Yes, A bun Dance—rising like bread until we are light! We are mutually equal to other humans in our relationship to our Father---no sibling rivalry needed. We are free to do our own dance and not compete with others. We use our unique gifts from the Father. Life becomes a dance of love and not worrying about others getting ahead of you or you feeling better than someone else.

With God setting the stage for everyone to be Restored or Re-storied and return them to His story plan for them, there is no drama needed. I mean drama like we make up today within our minds of jealousy and other negative mindsets. We are free to dance to our own heart’s contentment. Under the influence of Divine Love dancing, we are dancing to the tune God wrote for us. He redeems all that appeared to be wrong and makes it right. He goes further and restores our mind from insanity thinking to clear and amazing so we have energy that does not drain. We could dance all night and day right into eternity with this Way of Living!

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