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Spiritual Hindrances: Help from The Holy Spirit for Wholeness

There is a positive value when you authentically seek help from the power of the Holy Spirit. My desire is to RAISE awareness of the blocks, deterrents, impediments, and obstructions that will keep you from experiencing Holy Spirit Wholeness. You will need to understand how your human psyche has been conditioned to believe lies that are still stuck somewhere within that seat of reason within all of us. When that reason is still full of reactive juices, it will “go off” into a “melt down” just like a nuclear reactor!

Our psyche (mind, head, brain, soul, unconscious mind, nous) is the place deep within all humans that carries the thoughts and feelings of our human lines. This means that there is a critical faculty seated in that place that can protect, but it can also keep us from entering the vast wonder of our subconscious areas. It is imperative you know that your subconscious is 95% of your mind (program) that runs automatically. What you think of as consciousness is only about 5% of your mind.

It is my opinion (from college course study, all my reading - yes, I admit to being a reading junkie, teaching, work as a counseling therapist and study of neuroscience), that the separation that happened in Eden split our mind into two parts. And, there is a Gatekeeper in between these parts that “judges” how things will run based on our human conditioning. This Gatekeeper is both good and bad. It is good because we need automatic programs to make split second decisions, to keep our organs running and do all kinds of auto-shifting for us. Here is the downside: the subconscious records every event as it happens with the feelings and scene AT THE TIME. This does not change unless we update it.

To help explain better - think of soldiers who have PTSD. They were busy battling a war and surviving the horrors of it. When they return “back home,” they carry those memories as they occurred in battle. If they are not updated and brought into healing in the present, there may be reactions whenever a threat of perceived danger happens in their life. My husband was in Viet Nam. Around 15 years later, during a July 4th celebration, I witnessed him agitated by the noise of fireworks. They triggered the reaction and feelings he had felt during battles. WE all have PTSD. All children are exposed to things that scare them and create a need to survive things they do not understand. Once they become adults and are in the same “feeling” situation, they are seamlessly taken back to the first time and all other times since they felt that way.

This knowledge may be a little too complex for you to understand so I will continue to have this section on Hindrances to show how the negative energies of Fear, Obligation, Guilt, and Shame build up inside us. I call these FOGS that cloud our brain and keep us from hearing the powerful Voice of God. We have other chatter and noise that hinders us to hear the kind and gentle voice of the Holy Spirit, a Holy Gram of Love.

Blessings, Susan Frink Anderson new book: "Murture"

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