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Spiritual Intimacy: Powered by the Holy Spirit

How do we let the Power of the Holy Spirit run our lives vs. operating out of human ego?

Intimacy can be defined in many ways in the physical realm. Many people only think of it as sexual but that is so lacking. Just being with someone body to body is never going to fill in the need God plans for True Intimacy. It does include the physical but must also see deeply into THE OTHER ONE we are being intimate with in a whole relational way. We will want to relate to them spiritually, in thoughts, emotions, and socially as well as physically. Being able to see into God and others in all the ways possible is true intimacy. We can only fully know this kind of connection through KNOWING GOD by the Power of the Holy Spirit. That is where Holy Grams are born.

For my definition of intimacy, I like to think of “INTO ME SEE” and that begins with seeking God and seeking a seriously personal relationship with Him through the power His Son, Christ left us in Spirit. This power changes our bloodlines from human to divine. While we do not necessarily behave like a Divine Being (in the image of Christ), we have the power to mature and grow more like Christ as His blood redeems our human fault lines. Those old “adamic” lines that we carry from Adam and Eve need transfusion to get rid of the confusion. Our minds are confused and divided into good and evil thinking patterns apart from Christ Power.

Gaining understanding of what it means to have Spiritual Intimacy restores power and regenerates us. Think about what happens when the power goes out during a storm. There is no light and no warmth unless you have a backup generator to run your electricity. We are like an electric city. Inside us are circuits that need power to be run. Human power is weak and drains us or actually exhausts us. Apart from any Higher Power, there is only low-level energy running.

As a true believer, you receive a new power SOURCE to run your systems and circuitry. The Mind of Christ is a promise from Scripture. Imagine what power that contains to run your mind, body and spirit! However, like any electrical wiring, if you do not turn on the switch (you are given free will to make that decision to run on ego power or Holy Spirit Power), your power is turned off. Many believers have not turned on the power to receive the redemption and mercy through grace. Others put resistance in the lines by doing things their way some of the time (ego operated) and letting God in some of the time. That just “frays” the lines or “shorts” them out. Any form of FEAR, OBLIGATION, GUILT or SHAME will cause resistance and negate the Power of the Holy Spirit to take over and give you THE BEST way to go.

PERFECT LOVE (source love) drives out all fear. The funnel of the Holy Spirit streams in NEW identity to replace the old programs. Rooted in God, the Parent sending holy love to cure the fear of separation restores oneness from power of His Grace. Believers possess the same power that brought Jesus back from the dead. The grave could not hold Christ from ascending to the throne. He came from the Kingdom of Heaven and returned. That Power is now transferred to us through the Gift of The Holy Spirit born again within each of us.

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