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The Holy Spirit: The Change Agent of your New Operating System

Hopefully, you understand that hindrances set up interferences, interruptions, barriers, obstructions, obstacles, sabotages, difficulties, burdens, and all kinds of impediments to hearing from the Holy Spirit. This is what Jesus means when He speaks of having the faith to move the mountains. The mountains are the wounds that you have been carrying that are blocking the Love from the Son!

Yes, the lies and the false beliefs we carry that burden us down (depressing thoughts) and give us worry (anxiety) are the very things that keep us thinking through the dirty filters (lenses) of our humanity. They block spiritual truth and add more pain and suffering. Once you begin to gain enlightenment and understanding of this fact, you can start to offload the encumbrances weighing you down. It is heavy lifting to carry around “rocks” on your back that you do not need to carry.

The cross of Christ is what saves us from the lies and accusations. Most believers know this to be true intellectually but they are hampered emotionally from hearing the truth deep inside their heart and soul because they are taught to “think” about sin as strictly behaviors. This teaching is one of the biggest things hampering freedom. Sin is actually the lies and mountains of false beliefs that led to the destructive behaviors. If you think you are “messed up” and unloved because of things you have done that are “bad,” you will most likely try to ACT better or decide you might as well “act” in the “bad” ways people accuse you of doing. Do you see the trap here?

This is the set up. We do have human sin. We are all missing the mark of God’s best for our lives. That is our inheritance from Adam and Eve falling for the lies in the first place. That set them on a path of effort and having to figure things out as they wandered around in their own heads and the wilderness having to work hard. That is the human story. God knew this would be the case and always knew we would need the Holy Spirit to help us get back to trusting God as our only hope. So, He sent help in the form of a Being from His Own Being-Jesus, Son of God, to show us God and man together. This is our model to freedom.

Jesus left us with His Spirit (Holy Spirit) to help us integrate with God’s holiness again and receive truth again about who we really are in God’s eyes. However, if you don’t understand that you cannot change any of your human habits because they are so polluted, you may keep trying to be good enough to earn God’s love. IMPOSSIBLE! You already have His Love as He created your Spirit from His Love. You just need to accept the gift of the Holy Spirit as the change agent to be your new operating system that eventually takes over your human limitations of trying to BE what you already possess. Most humans have trouble admitting they need to surrender to this Power and want to “do it themselves” so they keep trying.

The Cycle of human dysfunction repeats as long as we continue to try to function from the dysfunction. Think about the Reason Jesus says we need to be born again.

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