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How to Practice Powerful Affirmations

Truth - How to Practice Powerful Affirmations

Affirmations will make your life work best...if you are able to connect them with truth. Speaking affirmations without an open heart and conscious awareness to receive them will have shallow connection. Want to know how you can you practice powerful affirmations?

The inner doors to the spirit of a person need access and opening. When a person has been separated from their inner being for a long time, it is imperative that the walls of separation be broken down between the mind, body and spirit. Those with courage desire to unmask and peel the layers back. They give themselves permission to begin a journey into authenticity, allowing themselves to be emotionally present with their feelings. Little by little, closed off hearts begin to soften and bodies begin to breathe deeply as blocked energies of anger and grief begin to be released.

It must be clearly understood that the inner passageways have been in the dark for a long time, and switching on the lights can be a slow process. It doesn’t have to be, but most people are not ready to be vulnerable in one felt swoop. Releasing negative energies and injustices of the past can be very painful. However, the wounded child must be brought out into the light and share that pain to keep it from further infection and hurt. Unconditional love for the inner child will demonstrate help is on the way. The use of affirmations is part of that help.

When a person takes on the journey to heal an inner wound, there is a need to express love to all parts of the broken self. The nurture of the words spoken with heartfelt love is often the most important piece of spiritual work done. It brings out the hidden parts of the person that feel under shame-attack or influenced by rejection so deep that it paralyzed expression.

Healing in conjunction with spirit means that you will be willing to look at your pain and not build an identity around it or hold on to it. It means you will process it with a guide or counselor of some sort so that you can allow it to move and integrate within. Once you are able to get in touch with your pain by sharing what happened and have another come alongside you in emotional support, you are more able to heal. Unresolved pain that is denied healing is raw and always subject to more infection.

The moment painful experiences are integrated, they are only held to tell to encourage others. There is no need to keep a negative charge around it and be a victim or deny the depth of its impact, but there is a need to share, to encourage and help others to be empowered. There is also a process of letting go that releases dis-ease within self and moves you to increase your ease and positive flow. Compassion for others is increased and your message becomes stronger. You'll find it possible to gain joy out of painful experiences. You don’t have to be glad they happened but you can share the joy of how those experiences changed your life in positive ways.

Blessings, Susan Frink Anderson new book: "Murture"

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