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Spiritual Intimacy: Is your Receiver Broken?

Phone - Is your Receiver Broken?

I am in LOVE. I am thrilled with this love. It is Divine! What does it mean to be in love? It means to be in a close relationship and have that familiarity with someone. It is the feeling of belonging together and knowing you are completely seen and able to be open, transparent, and vulnerable. It is so much more but those are basics.

When thinking of the Holy Spirit, it is FIRST important to think of love. Jesus told us the two most important commands are to love the Father and others as we love ourselves. Most of us desire to love the Father but can be challenged to love all others. This is where the Holy Spirit is our Helper to know God’s Love. Intimacy with God is not hard when you KNOW you are loved unconditionally and could never lose that love from HIS perspective.

This is what knowing the Holy Spirit gives you….new perspectives that come from God. The Holy Spirit has constant communication with the Father and Son. Jesus had that Oneness and KNEW it so He was always in intimacy with the Father. The Gift of the Holy Spirit gives us that same relationship. We receive the ability to hear and connect with what God is saying through the transmissions of the Holy Spirit.

How many people do you know that have this kind of relationship with God? They know Him intimately, hear His voice, follow it and are able to Be in HIS Perfect Will. I am not there in your mind as you read this, but most people do not know many, if any, people who claim to communicate with God all the time. Why is this so when we are promised the Holy Spirit guides us into all truth (John 16:13) and reveals Christ in us to us (John 16:14-15)? We must be missing something!

We are missing SomeONE. We are missing our Receiver! God is transmitting all the time but if your Receiver is broken, you do not have your “ears” to hear and your inner eye grows dim without this guidance. The light in all of us cannot be seen nor heard without the Power of the Holy Spirit seeing into us and us seeing into Him. That is what intimacy means—INTO ME SEE! That intimacy has to travel both ways.

When we hide or think through filters of fear, obligation, guilt and shame, we are blocked from seeing into this deep love and connecting with it. All those dark energies set up negative fields with filters that block our ability to truly hear the Voice of God. Jesus clearly told us that His Sheep hear His Voice (John 10:27) and, He knows them and they follow Him eternally without perishing (John 10:27-30). No one can keep us from hearing this VOICE except our own unwillingness to listen.

Intimacy with Father and Son is what we need all the time to grow and develop under the influence of ONE Love. This love is Divine and Perfect and casts away all fear (1 John 4:18). What wonderful NEWS! We can have this togetherness with God all the time, bringing us closer and drawing us nearer to the WELL lived life forever!

Blessings, Susan Frink Anderson new book: "Murture"

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