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Spiritual Hindrances: Wounds that You Got Wound Around.

Spiritual Hinderances: Wounds that You Got Wound Around

In my last Spiritual Hindrance blog, I introduced the idea of PTSD and boldly claimed we all suffer from it. I am going to expand my case for it this time. It would be impossible to be born into this earth realm and grow up as a child without picking up stress, trauma and some form of anxiety and depression. IMPOSSIBLE! This is our human condition. We are victims of suffering and being misunderstood over and over. But, I believe we can remove hindrances and gain a new mind, allowing us to be the creature God intended.

Some people stay stuck in and under the influence of the “victim hood.” It is like living in the “hood” as you have no way out when your spirit is constantly attacked and you agree that you are a “reject” or not good enough. You could not help feeling rejected, unloved, unheard, abandoned and a ton of other words that begin with “un.” The condition of Not Enough plagues all humans.

You may be thinking that you KNOW you are enough because God loves you and that is enough. GREAT! I hope you do think that. I hope you internalize that and that you never have one moment of doubt about it. (Of course, I doubt that you could say that). I imagine if I followed you around for days, I would see you reacting to someone or something in an Un-Christlike fashion since I know you are not perfect.

What I have seen in my work with all kinds of people (from addicts to zombies - “A-Z” types with all kinds of human stories), there is no one that escapes the human conditioning. I like to think of myself as a pretty good mother and wife, but OMG, I can see how many times I failed to rely on God’s Spirit to lead and went into a reactive state of being!! I know you have done that as well.

If we are honest and self examine, we will find “logs” that need removing. Logs are journals of critical voices that spoke over you and to you and hurt you. These hurts became wounds that you got wound around. Read that sentence again, please. WE all got tied up in “nots” by the time we reached adulthood from our time in KIDNAPPING phase. You did not choose your earth parents or siblings or circumstances. You were at their mercy. Many times you were exposed to unmerciful treatment.

I hear you thinking, “YES, but that was long ago and I forgot it or I forgave it.” Of course, that is true. Here is the problem: Did you remove it under the influence of the Holy Spirit or did you use your human condition to take care of that toxic waste?

Until I was trained in how to deal with human trauma (and I still continue to train in those understandings), I had zero idea of what I was carrying around. Remember, I have had two masters’ degrees in psychology and tons of experience in human development. My personal inner being still had many secrets of unknown toxins filled with reactive material. There is only one way to remove hindrances. You must unblock the channel to receive a new, whole mind. This whole mind is continuously renewed by the Power of the Holy Spirit, so we are raised up to be the creature God intended.

Blessings, Susan Frink Anderson new book: "Murture"

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