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Spiritual Hindrances – Contrary Beliefs make you stronger!

This is a special post for Halloween. I know it is not a Holy Spirit holiday but it does give me an opportunity to talk about spirits and ghosts and to blog some thoughts that fit into this interesting day that is celebrated every October 31. Hallow is such a great word as it means to respect greatly and make holy. Of course, we do not think of Halloween in that way at all and I am not suggesting that we do. I am hoping you will consider all things hallow and how you can work from your inner being to help them be holy. This may be a stretch for some of you reading this and that is okay. For those of you who want to read on, hear me out on this.

Halloween is a secular and some may even consider it a practice for the dark side or the occult. My point of the hallow part is to pose a question. Am I going to avoid Halloween just because it has a dark side to it? My answer is no and to go even deeper, I intend to make it holy by giving a flavor of joy to it. I am choosing to focus on the fun part of Halloween-the innocence of seeing children have fun. I love seeing all the children in their adorable and scary costumes. They are able to pretend to be a super hero, princess, or whatever they decide through the use of their imagination. If I were to avoid this holiday, or this fun, by teaching children it is bad or wrong and give them my opinion as to why it needs to be avoided, I am casting my own “fear spell” over them. I choose instead to know that I can have a glad attitude that children can have innocent joy.

Am I saying that I will just go along with anything and change my attitude to make it holy? Of course, not! I am saying that I am able to look at things moderately without a lens of “fear” because I know fear is what blocks enjoyment. I also know that fear is a trap and over time it is hard to get out of after living under its influence. It is the major hindrance of lack of spiritual connection. We connect with the “spirits” of fear and layer them on all things that WE make up would be used for unholy options.

When I am able to look at any situation and ask the Holy Spirit to help me see it through a lens of a hallowed attitude, it shifts in whatever way the Holy Spirit would have me see it. That way, I (from my human eyes of fear) am allowing a Spirit that will show me something good and perfect instead of the not so good side of it. If I always favor the unholy, that will be my main focus and that of my human brain for similar future situations. We automatically focus on all the things that are wrong.

Consider setting your mind on things that will consecrate, bless, respect, revere, or hallow things that might otherwise cause you to avoid due to fear. When you ask the Holy Spirit to help you stay more moderate with your use of wise assessment of any situation, you will be looking for ways to override worry, dread, terror, anxiety, distress, panic, apprehension and a host of other frightening thought patterns. Those thought patterns set up ways of living that are truly SCARY. The ghosts are living right inside of you creating more things to fear every day of the year!

Bottom line: If your religious or spiritual beliefs are not enough to hold off any negative beliefs of other religions or cults, then what good are they doing you? Your beliefs should allow you to find the good in anything contrary and not be in fear of them. “Trick or Treat!”

Blessings, Susan Frink Anderson new book: "Murture"

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