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Are you Ready to Experience Unconditional Love?

Unconditional Love & Spiritual Intimacy

I imagine I am not the only person who has not understood the Love of God. I am very confident that most people have a difficult time grasping the concept of unconditional love, let alone being able to receive it. We say we believe it is true and that is the beginning of our faith. Accepting it into our hearts is another thing, however. I have been a counselor for over 15 years, working intensely with many people (most of them would call themselves Christians or profess some kind of faith in God). I have never had one case where my client was in a relationship of unconditional love with God. They had the love in their head as knowledge but none had it deepened into their hearts.

Think of this! God gives us His pure love with no strings attached. We just have to accept it and be in a close relationship with Him. Yet, so few people ever find the way to live under this kind of love. I am not interested in speculating as to the reasons why this is true. It would distract from speaking about this intimate relationship that God desires to have with us. I will just begin with saying that we typically associate God with human relationships and think through those filters. For example, think about the relationship you have had with your parents. Did you have an intimately connected relationship? Did you feel unconditionally loved? How has this relationship influenced the way you view God’s love?

We all need love. We are wired for it in all our mind, body and spirit. If we only pursue it with our body or the physical realm, it will be limited to that connection. If we seek it just through our spirit, we will get off balance because we have not dealt with the issues our body and mind have suffered. If we just have head knowledge, we will most likely not have much heart led connection. This heart connection is a problem for many believers, as they believe but are unable to receive into their hearts fully.

Spiritual intimacy has to be integrated in all aspects of our being-our spirit, our thoughts, our emotions, our physical being, and our social relationships. As a matter of fact, those aspects also require wholeness and balance that is only achieved through the Power of Transformation. The Holy Spirit is the change agent for the balance to allow intimacy with God. Knowing God personally means you know Him in a relational way. Relational means communicating, collaborating, cooperating, connecting and sharing with God. It means seeing into the Being that designed and made you, letting His love penetrate you so you can see into your true self.

An intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit requires trust and spending time getting to hear His Voice and listening for His leadings. The very fact that a Holy God wants to know you and have you know Him is really beyond belief. Yet, it is true. His Word says so throughout Scripture. From Genesis to Revelation, the message is that God is our Father and has chosen to love us as a Perfect Parent. He wants to give us a new life that is free from the old lies and false beliefs. His outrageous love is always calling us. He calls to make us whole again so we are able to be restored to holiness through the Power He gives us from His Holy Spirit within us.

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