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Living an Intimate Spiritual Life

Are you a performer that is addicted to performance? Do you define yourself by the things you “DO” or the identity that is based on nothing other than God’s love? I am sure that I know most of us are known by our roles and our actions much more than just WHO we are to God as seen from His Pure Love. It is part of our culture to judge people by what they “do.” Do can mean behavior, actions, jobs or any other activity that identifies us. We are so used to performing and trying to impress others that we try to get love that way.

Obviously, God is not that way and He did not design our true heart to WORK for love. We are loved. We are loved unconditionally. Most humans never experience that authentic love because they try to earn it apart from God or to give to God. We usually feel (and, are trained to believe) that God is motivated to love us when we ACT all good and perfect and obey Him in that way. WE run ourselves into the ground being busy working for God from our human mindsets. This is not what Jesus taught. In the example of Mary and Martha, Jesus prefers to just have Mary sit at His feet and hang out with His Love. Martha was busy preparing a great meal to impress Him. She didn’t realize He just wanted to demonstrate Pure Love by spending time with her.

How often do we wear ourselves out trying to impress Jesus when He just wants our time? How often do we miss the mark of His Love because we are doing our “busy” life work? The reflection of God’s true heart wants to connect with ours so we can understand this kind of Love better and better. The more time we spend in relationship with the Holy Spirit, the more He can reach into us and touch us. This is intimacy. If you do not devote time to God, how can you know Him or His love? Filling your time with being busy and making yourself look important with a job or other worldly things ahead of God is a waste of time.

Living the intimate Spiritual life is all about prioritizing the relationship with the Holy Sprit above all others. THEN, the rest will be added, not the other way around. Our First Love is God and all other people, places, or things we place ahead of Him are idols and will not satisfy and will actually distract. Being mindful and attentive to God will bring clarity in our mind, body and spirit that will flow into what we DO. First, we receive the purity of the Pure Love of God and all the other world stuff we enjoy will flow from that Center,

Striving and stressing about life is totally unnecessary when you receive daily filling from the WELL. What is the well? It is the well BEING of God. Where is the well? It is located within your center. When you get grounded or anchored in that spiritual center and make it your first and greatest significance, you will begin to feel the peace that passes all understanding. You will not miss the highest marks from God. You will go from glory to glory experiencing love that comes from knowing your identity is solely based on that unconditional love pouring into your spirit.

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