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Seeking to Hear the Voice of God

Moses sought the voice of God

Remember, the more Powerful Practices you use each day, the more your life changes for the good and the stronger your relationship to the Holy Spirit becomes. Last time, I wrote about the practice of prayer continuously. I did not expand on it, but I will in this writing. Hearing the voice of God will change your life more than anything. Yes, I did say you are able to HEAR the voice of God. This is not taught as a must but we must teach it! John 10:27 -Jesus Himself, speaks, “My Sheep hear my voice; I know them, and they follow me.” If Jesus said it, it is possible.

I have been around Christians all my life in all kinds of places and settings. My experience is that I rarely hear anyone speak about hearing the Voice of God speaking continually. Jesus must have meant that we could hear Him incessantly, or we would not be able to follow Him. Do you expect to hear the Voice of the Holy Spirit? I do but I did not always believe that. I found it out by seeking to hear it.No one taught me to do that in a church setting.

I am here to teach you that you can hear the voice of God and you need to expect to hear it. Otherwise, you will have plenty of other voices speaking to you ahead of the Holy Spirit. Humans have lots of voices that they listen to ahead of God. This is the problem. You need Quiet Time! Prayerfully, listening. How many of us take the time to enter that Holy Chamber each morning and begin the day with prayer? If you do enter, do you leave with the expectation that the voice will be with you throughout the day?

The BEST practice you can have is to begin your day with prayer, keep thinking and listening for messages all day long (more often than you check your Facebook page). If you are unclear on the message, ask the Holy Spirit to explain. God does not withhold the information you need to know. End the day with prayers for a restful sleep and messages in your dreams that continue to lead you.

I will stress that this practice is not an overnight success. It takes practice to get in the habit of praying without ceasing and expecting to hear. There is so much “noise pollution” all day that it is hard to hear or be still long enough to listen. That is what the Holy Spirit does BEST. He quiets your mind, tunes you into His channel and helps you block out the other noise. He also teaches you how to discern His Voice from your own head noise and confusion.

The Holy Spirit is the Center of each and every lesson and learning experience that will assist you in how to live from Central Command - the Throne Room. All of your instruction will come from the Presence of God, the Father and Christ, the Son. You will be synced in with those voices and will be hearing with attunement and alignment. How can you know? The Holy Spirit is your transmitter and your translation. He gives you what He hears. Soon, you do not wait for a translation. You understand because your head is clear. There is one channel you hear. You have the ears to hear it. It all began when you committed to pray without ceasing!

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