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Agent of Change to Promote Spiritual Intimacy

It is often hard for us humans to think in terms of spiritual intimacy as the word, “intimacy,” has so often been associated with sexual intimacy. Of course, the relationship with the Holy Spirit means one of closeness in many different ways. Psalm 37:4 tells us to “take delight in the Lord” and that means that our hearts will experience peace and fulfillment in Him. When you are fully filled with who you are in God’s eyes, you can relax and have a deepening relationship with the Holy Spirit.

It is the Holy Spirit that actually brings the intimacy to grow and become deeper. I recently blogged about listening for the voice of God and learning to hear His communications to you. It is the Holy Spirit who quickens that process. When you spend time meeting with God each day, you gain an intimacy with His Spirit (just like you would with a literal person you spent time with each day-you get to know them). You learn familiarity with the relationship with God through His Spirit. Familiarity is another word for intimacy!

When we take delight in our relationship with people, we love them and long to be with them. It is even a closer bond we have with God. He made us with an inner need to be fully filled with His love and caring. Many people fill that longing with wealth, status, material possessions, and other relationships or temporal things that do not satisfy. They always end up wanting more. When you know you are deeply loved by the Creator of the Universe, there is never-ending affection and understanding to connect with on a daily basis. A mind occupied with thoughts of God that are opened up and expanded by the Power of the Holy Spirit is exciting.

There are always new revelations streaming in that give new perceptions that would have never come to you from any other intimate relationship.

The process of spending time daily in meditation and study brings closeness and nearness that is hard to describe. At first, the connection is not as near but as time passes through regular contact, the “indwelling” is not just a part of your outer routine, but it is part of your inner being. Then, the Holy Spirit keeps taking you beyond what you previously thought or experienced. Compare it to adding territory or land to your property. The borders of understanding just keep growing. This process is called transformation in the Bible. We are actually being transformed from just a human being to letting the ways of being human go to rise up and relate to our Spiritual Being.

Intimacy with the Holy Spirit is infinite and will never stop growing because it is a “take over” by God’s mind becoming one with yours. This is what Christ was referring to with His talk of Oneness with His Father. WE are the adopted sons and daughters of God. It is imperative we grow through a closely related attachment to the channel that comes through-the Power of the Holy Spirit. He is the Agent and Promoter that works on our behalf through our mind to stimulate change!!!

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