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The Greatest Gift of ALL

We are getting close to the celebration of the Savior as Gift to the world! Of course, that is the holiday we call Christmas. Do we really know what we are celebrating, though? Christmas can mean anything from angels proclaiming a Christ child to animals in the stable to a baby that has come to save the world or whatever your personal experience of Christmas may be. Most of us can relate to Christmas as a time of gifts. A gift is given to us or we give gifts to others and that is what demonstrates the act of giving. When you are close to someone, you typically want to give them the “perfect gift.” God is like that. He wanted to give us the Perfect Gift.

The Christ Child is that Perfect Gift. Christ Jesus is God’s Present to us presented so we can be saved from our lost self and be reunited with our True Father. The babe in the manger was the expected Messiah that would do that, but over time, He did not appear to be the Present the people wanted. They wanted a King who would make everything right for them. To many, Jesus was not “good enough” nor was He the “picture” of who they imagined would help them. He was not their idea of a Gift.

However, since God’s plan for intimacy is always perfect, Jesus was the perfect GIFT. Our truest sense of self cannot be separated from God because we are rooted in God. If we had never seen God, however, it would be impossible to have an image for our true identity is based on His image. If God had never sent His Son (made in His Image), we would not have the gift of our own image. We would have to “make up” imaginary things about God. (Many people still do that because they do not take the time to know Him through the Power of the Gift given in Christ).

Our connection to God was re-established by the BEST GIFT ever-the Son of God. The path to intimacy with God is laid out through a relationship with Christ and the awakening to the Spirit of God available to each one of us. Nothing or no one can satisfy our longing to be linked to a personal association with our Maker except the Gift of Christ. When we begin to understand that we desire to be perfectly loved and not have to fear rejection (separation from God) ever again, we can open our eyes to WHO can do that. There is only One Who has the power to restore our bond with God. That One is the Gift who restored the intimacy and brought back our powerful connection to the Holy Spirit. Jesus sealed the deal and fulfilled all that was needed.

What is our part? How does that intimacy happen? First, you believe that there is a Power greater than you at work inside you that needs to grow and transform you out of your human trance. Humans are conditioned to believe lies about themselves and others. Therefore, we are all living out of a combination of truth and lies. There are many false beliefs and no human has the corner on ABSOLUTE TRUTH! WE need a truth teller that lives within each of us to set our spirits straight on WHO we are and WHO God is….a loving and passionate God who delights in us. Jesus modeled that image. He was compassionate, wise and taught in ways that were beyond what anyone had heard before. WE have that Power alive within us when we believe in the Gift of Christmas. That Power will help and guide us to real knowing of self, God and others. The power of the Holy Spirit of Christ changes our bloodline from human to Divine and matures us in our spirits to live from love, peace and joy instead of fear, obligations, and guilt/shame thoughts.

All we need to do is receive what we say we believe and begin to open, use, share and celebrate the GIFT. If you never open yourself up to believe, the Gift will not be received and you will miss out on the loving spiritual intimacy you need. God offers us a passionate relationship with Him and others if we accept the offer of the Gift! YOU get to choose whether you want this Precious Gift of a new life or not. Blessings, Susan Frink Anderson new book:

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