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Gift of the Present of Grace

As you know by now, I am adamant that you will not gain maturity in living under the influence of the Holy Spirit if you do not employ Spiritual Practices daily. That is why I write the Holy Grams and offer them on a daily basis. Having a Spiritual Practice reminder daily keeps us in balance amidst a very “crazy” unbalanced world. If you THINK of yourself as Spiritual, you cannot get by without a practice. You must feed your spiritual muscles.

The Practice for today’s blog is the Practice of the Gift of Grace Presence. Of course, this needs to be the practice everyday as it is the only thing that really saves you from insanity. When you know you are deeply loved and have the Gift of Christ living and growing in you to deepen intimacy with God, you begin developing gratitude for this Gift. You remember that it is God’s Grace that has saved you from wandering around in a crazy mindset. A crazy mindset just means believing lies and creating your outer reality from false beliefs you inherit from the world around you.

Grace Presence gives us the gift to know who we are and establishes a favorable identity of your spirit being. You can begin to attach and associate more with who you are in the spiritual realm rather than who humans think you are or how they compare you or condition you to believe. You sense the Presence of Grace. Many people have no idea of who they are and live their lives based on an externally conditioned focus. Their sense of self is mixed up or based on how they were trained to believe.

Grace presents a new picture in your mind and heart-one based on how God sees you. He sees your true self as rooted in His image and He wants you to wake up to that image. Living out of a sense of a false self is not God’s plan for your life. The plan is to show you mercy and favor and bring enlightenment to your self-awareness. Grace Presence is the conduit for awakening to notice that apart from this gift, you would have a completely different sense of things. You can see this in others who do not know grace…they do not give it to themselves or others.

The main practices that the Gift of Grace gives are the ability to forgive others who hurt you and to have gratitude that you are on a path to not hurt others. Living in bitterness and revenge towards others who have betrayed or wounded us is the way of pain and suffering. Being able to forgive those who do those things relieves us from pain and suffering. We have the Holy Spirit to comfort us and know that God’s justice will be served to that person or persons (somehow) if they do not own what they have done. The gratitude that comes with grace is “knowing” that apart from God’s grace bestowed on you, you would be treating others the same or worse. You gain a sense of knowing the Presence is actually the Spirit of God’s Grace in you.

Each day we have plenty of opportunity to practice the gift of grace by saying as Jesus did, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.” This helps you rise above ignorance and keeping your spirit growing and rising no matter how others treat you. Over time, people notice that you are different. You don’t judge or hold a grudge. That attracts more grace to you and more favor as you are representing the Christ that is alive within you. This Grace Presence automatically brings the favor of God to you over and over. Your practice is “paying off” as you keep turning things over to the Holy Spirit to manage and you see Grace does the job you can not and gives back more than you could hope or imagine!

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