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Gift of REST in His Saving Grace

Last time, I blogged about the Practice of the Presence of Grace. I wanted to convey the idea that when you know you are saved by grace that you can awaken to practice the thoughts and feel the Presence of that Spirit upon you. When you know you are saved by grace, you are free from guilt and condemnation both from God and the burden we carry from others dumping those things on us.

This blog is all about treating yourself to this Higher Knowing and giving up empty promises that give no rest or grace. Empty promises do not save you but they do “enslave” you. When you TRY to be good enough or do good works from your human self, you are going to end up exhausted and feel anything but rested and peaceful. When you KNOW you are saved by grace, there is nothing to DO! You can offload the voices in your head that tell you to “get up and get doing.” You can get rid of the “performance junkie” that feasts on you or tries to get you to please others with your performance.

Treating yourself to rest and relaxation does not mean you lay around on the couch all day everyday. It means you get out from under the voice of “effort” and “not good enough” that tires you. You enter the Rest of God’s grace and get out of the way of working to impress others. Under the influence of saving grace, you “hear” a new voice. It is one with your true desires. You hear what to “do,” but it is all about doing what you love. It is not done from duty or obligation or the tyranny of “should.”

God wants us to be productive because He has a plan and purpose for us (Jer. 29:11) that will be perfectly crafted to our desires. It will be doing what we love using His Love as the Source and Resource. When we treat ourselves to the Gift of Saving Grace, we free up space that keeps us burdened, stressed and anxious or depressed and we move into a new place. We use the space to create with the Creator. New ideas flow easily and effortlessly. The more we operate under the system of grace, the more emancipated we feel and we have more energy to actually do more!

How do you get this liberating treatment of resting in His Saving Grace? First, you just accept the invitation to enter this rest zone for the rest of your life. Next, you ask what you would love to be doing if you had the desire of your heart. You spend time asking God what He would have of you and you will most likely hear some matching thoughts or you will begin to imagine and dream your wildest dreams. If you are not able to do this, you may need to see a counselor or professional who can help you offload guilt or carried feelings of worthlessness and rejection (from your past).

Treat yourself to delight in saving grace and know you have the favor of the universe backing you up. God’s love is infinite and available when you ask, seek and knock to receive it. Conversely, if you try to do things apart from this help and go on your own, your free will gift allows that to. It is your choice. Living under the influence of saving grace gives you the greatest Gift, the Holy Spirit, who will help you achieve all you can imagine. Without that gift, you will be limited to thinking as others think and miss out on the Savior’s Way!

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