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Let Down in the Day After Christmas

Well, today is the “day after” all the plans and the work and the celebrations are over. You may still have some parties and things to attend, but December 25th is history. I want to use the day after Christmas and the idea of “let down” as a metaphor for a spiritual hindrance.

In our spiritual walk to greater maturity and intimacy with God, we are often met with “letdowns.” These letdowns can be anything from small disappointments to major internal conflicts that let us down time and time again. I know you know what I am talking about. Just to illustrate a little bit, however, so I make sure you understand, let me speak about December 26. Let down can mean we feel let down that it is all over and we are sad for some reason. It could be we did not have the family gathering we would have liked or did not receive a gift we had hoped for or whatever it was that let us feel down. It could just be the general feeling that you enjoyed it so much you hate to have to wait another whole year until it is December 25 again. You may even have a conflict of how much you enjoyed the whole Christmas season but you are glad it is over since you put a lot of effort into it. You could be having conflicted feelings over the money spent or not spent.

No matter what your letdowns might be, we will always be presented with opportunities to experience things that did not measure up to what we had hoped or things that did measure up to great joy and now they are over or a part of the past. How do you experience letdowns? Do you let them get you down? Do you let them hold back your joy? Do you allow them to hamper your spirit or rob your peace? It is helpful to consider how you handle disappointments and conflicts. In spiritual reality, self-awareness of how you are feeling is a key to spiritual maturity. Pay attention to your feelings. They are voices to tell you how to allow God to help.

When we ignore our feelings, they do not go away. They get repressed or buried alive lurking below the surface ready to encumber our growth. When you take care of them at the time you are experiencing them, they do not have a chance to get shoved down or pushed back (like leftovers in the refrigerator that get moldy). Feelings are the guide to let you know what is going on inside of you. You can give them attention by asking yourself what your “letdown” is about now and also ask yourself when were there other times you felt this way (especially, as a child).

Being self aware helps you to stay awake to the present and let the Presence of the Holy Spirit heal your loss or letdowns as soon as possible. He can also heal all the old wounds that are in the same feeling channel leaving more room for peace and joy. Staying up to date with your feelings and the need for healings will move obstacles that block a sense of balanced well being.

The goal of the spiritual walk is not to never have letdowns or disappointments, but it is to know you have a Holy Helper to heal all those things so you can remain in peace and joy. Remaining and abiding in balance puts you in a ready state to anticipate the next joy that will be right around the corner. It will uplift you and remind you that there is nothing that can impede or get in the way of remaining hopeful, positive and under the influence of peace no matter what day it is or what your circumstances are on that day. Living in peace and joy isn’t just for the Christmas season. It is the way you are meant to live all year long!

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