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In the Beginning...

Wow, here we are: a whole New Year expands out before us with our resolve to GO BEYOND and access the impossible dream of what is “out there” waiting for us to receive. That is a Happy New Year thought! You can continue to expand your thinking each day as you cast your net to the “other side” and trust you are fishing on the side that will bring a great reward for you.

New Year, New Way—think beyond your imagination. This thought will expand your imagination. When you think “little” or in “lack” of any kind, you limit God and block intimacy with Him. Remember, He is your adopted DAD! You want to draw close to His Love through the power of the Holy Spirit. If you like to give good things to your kids or others, don’t doubt that God created that desire and wills to use it on you. Let’s begin at the beginning. The beginning gave you everything. It is paradise. YOU still have that option, only better. We are now made aware (through Christ) what a son or daughter of God can expect ---(no, I do not mean to be crucified-yes, you will need to crucify your lower expectations in exchange for Higher ones). YOU can begin to see with your natural eyes.

Okay, what do your natural eyes show you? Can you see trees, sunsets, mountains, oceans, etc? How many beautiful things do you see in nature that were not created by humans? Next, you can see with your imagination. Notice, everything that was created by man is NOT beautiful. The things that are beautiful were usually inspired by God. For example, the great cathedrals, great paintings, books, poetry, music or other amazing and beautiful things. Things that are ugly were also created by humans, not God. Imagination inspired by God creates astounding things of beauty that bring senses out of you that would not be present otherwise. Your sense of feeling connects to the imagination of someone inspired by God and you feel “awe.”

It is the imagination that forms the mental image that allows you to see it BEFORE or in the beginning ahead of the creation. This is akin to the mind of God. God created your imagination in the beginning to be used for good, not evil. Has man perverted God’s plan and used his imagination for “not so good?” Yes!

Imagination gives you a choice. You can use it for good or evil. You can create things to do harm or to bring good to the planet. When you create to do harm, you are using dark thoughts and imagination from fear that always creates worst case scenarios. That mind is driven by the dark side, not God’s enlightened side. Our imagination from God allows us to think of how we can help humanity in ways that go beyond the natural realm. When we use the imagination of God that we have had from the beginning (before it got poisoned by human conditions), we will always work for good and come from a position of love to help others.

God’s Image in You creates an imagination that keeps on giving you creative ideas that turn your dreams into reality because they are coming from the Source of all Creativity-the eyes and mind of God given to you through the inner wisdom unfolding with the Power of the Holy Spirit helping your mind to form thoughts BEYOND your wildest dreams. Right thinking is your new RULER and it measures high above human wisdom or thought. Expansive things and ideas appear that you would have never known from your natural human being. Your thought life is enriched beyond that realm and you are given a KNOWING that trusts and relates to His Loving Power. So, as “bizarre and out there” as the idea in your mind may be, you know your faith (the substance you will use) in the God of the Impossible will bring it to fruition. He has done that from the Beginning and will never stop!

Blessings, Susan Frink Anderson new book:

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