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The Best Things for 2017 Practices Tool Kit

At the end of the first week of the year, most of you may have already made a few resolutions for 2017. Whether you have or not, there are always best things you can do for raising your spiritual maturity. It is good to think of these things as a toolbox kit. I will be referring to each of them in detail throughout the beginning of this year.

The List of REALLY AMAZING Powerful Spiritual Practices is as follows:

General Practices

~Be connected-take time for family, loved ones, and neighbors.

~Listen and Trust your Spiritual Guidance- slow down and pay attention.

~Practice forgiveness-use external challenges as signposts to help you grow.

~Serve-find ways to help others you know and those in your community.

~Live in Joy, Gratitude and Peace-these three things are Spiritual Fruit to produce.

~Practice Self Care-mind, body and spirit all need feeding daily.

~Be Open-try to keep your mind and heart open, but guard them using boundaries.

~Look for miracles-expect that you will receive help in all things.

Daily Personal Practices

~Spend time at the beginning and ending of each day to meditate and get quiet.

~Live in Joy even in the midst of challenges-drop anger, avoid blame and harshness

~Remain Open to the Beloved Holy Spirit-invoke His Presence to help you all day.

~Keep cool with breathing exercises-remind yourself to breathe deeply.

~Stay in alignment-your daily assignment is always Divine Alignment.

~Pray all day-let your speech reflect the expression of who you are as a Spirit Being.

~Get physical exercise-you will need stamina and a strong body to be your best.

~Remain in higher consciousness-be in wholeness and holiness by doing “shadow” work that brings the darkness in you into the light so you are transparent and real.

I know these things sound like a big deal at first. You may wonder how they could become routine or where you could fit them in. Trust me. YOU do have time. Do a few or even one at first and add as you begin this new year. YOU will be so glad you started these transformative practices. They do literally change your life in ways you cannot begin to imagine!

The Spiritual Fruit that comes from letting the Spiritual Life lead you is how you form a transcendent self with the help of Divine loving power. Your part is just to allow these things to flow through you so you become clear (transparent) and aware. The awakening is the first part to commit to but beyond that, you have to groom and condition your new self to be spiritually fed. These practices do that!

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