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Walking in the Way of The Light

My first two blogs of the year were written to set the stage for continuing the hope of this website-a place to set humans free from their ways of captivity. That just means that we are all products of the programs and conditions the external world creates for us as we grow and develop. No matter what age you are, it is time to begin treating those conditions with new practices and training that will give you the best life God has planned for you.

I call the parts of my blog that give ideas on how to treat “old programs” and turn on your “true” self or the true spirit of you –Human Treatment. I use that term because in my profession as a counselor/therapist, I see all kinds of wounds that are blocking people from their true identity. By wounds, I mean grievances or unhealed anger from the past. These things can cause continued suffering and keep us blind to the freedom God has for us from His Love. He desires for all of us to be healed and whole so we can grow and develop from our new (true) creature in Christ.

The first way to treat yourself to wellness is to begin a daily practice to keep you present with who you are from God’s perspective---His Son or Daughter. I have written that daily power practices are essential to keep remembering and “RE-MINDING your MIND about your identity. As you know by now, I am adamant that you will not gain maturity in living under the influence of the Holy Spirit if you do not employ Spiritual Practices daily. That is why I write the Holy Grams and offer them on a daily basis. Having a Spiritual Practice reminder daily keeps us in balance amidst a very “crazy” unbalanced world. If you THINK of yourself as Spiritual, you cannot get by without a practice. You must feed your spiritual muscles.

In addition to the daily Spiritual Practices, you can begin to treat yourself to the way of the Light. Whether you are new to relating to God as the Source of Light or not, it is essential that you understand that Light is energy. God is the Source of all energy and is much more powerful than anything you might associate with a lightbulb or even lightening. The Light of God is the all-encompassing radiance of Divine Love. It is a shining of His Glory. YOU actually carry that energy within you. You may not be feeling bright or light because you have not treated the wounds that overshadow it. It is still there in potent potential and connecting with the Spark of God’s Love ignites it and starts a fire to warm your soul.

Begin this New Year awakened to understand that your identity is given to you by God, not humans. YOU belong to the Light and are of the light because your spirit is created by the same light energy as Christ. You are joined with the same wavelength and power presented to the world by Christ. Treat yourself to this inner light knowing that you are connected to the Highest Power in the Universe. Turn on the love connection by seeking God’s love to heal so you can feel your way into His comfort. As you begin to be more aware of Divine love, you will treat yourself well and will desire to treat others well. This is the fruit of your inner spirit connecting and being helped to good treatment by the Holy Spirit that is available 24/7.

Each day, begin with the messages God gives through the Holy Grams I am providing in your mailbox (make sure you subscribe to get them free of charge). Take that message with you all day to help your mind shift into being switched on to your “well being” and not your dis-eased human being. Day by day, little by little, you will feel the true self in you awaken more and more. You will feel empowered in your spirit to share to be known as you are opening your eyes to see your true identity!

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