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What Gets in the Way of Walking in the WAY

In this New Year, my writing is focusing on Walking in the Way of the Spirit Led Life. Another way of expressing this is being on a Path that is full of Light that shows the way out of shadows or total darkness. There are so many hindrances that block our pathways. It seems like the minute we knock one thing out of the “way,” two more pop up! It can seem like life is a game of “whack-a-mole” much of the time. The major reason (hindrance) for this is that we are trained to live life reactively instead of proactively.

As you head into 2017, set your intention on devotion to God and using His Word to shift all burdens out of the “way.” You have the power to do that based on the verse from Matthew 7:7-8; Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye. shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: 8 For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh. findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.

This is what it means to be PRO-Active. You see yourself as a Follower of Christ. As such, Christ is the PRO and you are the action (boots on the ground, so to speak). YOU have the power in you to decree a thing based on this verse and others that declare similar status for you. As an expression of God, your voice carries bold declarative power. If you never use it this way, however, you actually limit the WAY.

As children, we are trained and conditioned to walk in a way that suits our parents or other adults. Soon, we lose our sense of power and feel helpless or powerless. It is not the truth, but we forget how we felt as children with an “I can do anything” mindset. You need to get that kind of thought process back so you will not obstruct progress that God wants to make in your life. When you keep reacting to others that hold you back, you lose power and darken the way to be led by Spirit. YOU are standing in the WAY of your own power freely given from God’s Holy Spirit. Free will sounds like a great gift (and, it can be), but when we use it ignorantly, it sabotages us from getting the very thing we desire.

Our major hindrance, then, is not knowing what we “don’t know.” Our program given to us by humans “makes us think” through filters (hindrances) of limitations. These filters hamper our destiny and keep us small and in lack attacks! In other words, we THINK we lack a thing (like money or success or whatever), but we really are the one preventing our success. For example, you may be working at a job just to earn money. God has a bigger and higher plan but you have convinced yourself that you “have” to stay at the job to make money. This is little faith and it really deters stepping up into the true call on your life.

So, what to do? Well, first, find your who or your identity. Get aligned with who God says you are and feel aligned with the verses that tell you WHO you are-a pearl of great price to God (Matthew 13:46). There are many verses. Use the ASK, SEEK, FIND way to find them.

Once you set a course to find your true self, you will feel the identity already placed in you and the journey of walking in the way will keep opening up. Remember, all of this way is right in side you. YOU do not have to leave home to discover your true identity. Many have done that and ended up right back where they began after wandering around in the wilderness. This is what Jesus is talking about in the Parable of the Prodigal. The Father is God who is waiting for you to seek His Divine Love and let you know you have always been with him as He awaited your return.

To summarize things to pay attention to that help (vs. hinder) Walking in the Way:

  • Live proactively, not reactively

  • Know your true self

  • Ask Holy Spirit for help

  • Get out of your Spirit’s way

  • Be true to what is inside you already

  • The answer is not “out there”

  • Listen to sounds like love vs. what sounds like an obstacle

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