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General Power Pills and Daily meds to Empower Your Inner Spirit to Connect to the Holy Spirit

In my earlier January 6 blog this year, I set forth a basic tool kit with many power practices that create the best spiritual life for you. I want to review and expand the general and daily habits that train you to create space for spiritual indwelling.

The first (and, maybe the hardest) is to stay intimately connected to your family and loved ones. Your emotions need to be reset every day to come from love. It is not the human way to love people that are not treating you well. However, it is exactly what the brain needs to reset away from those old programs of “tit for tat” thinking. Remember, you have the Holy Spirit to keep you stable enough to do this. Also, it does not mean you use effort to fake love. That does not work. YOU rely on Source love to flow from inside you. When you remain open, it happens naturally. It is the constriction or closing up that hardens the heart flow. The practice of immediate forgiveness of others’ ignorance of your feelings is a key! Listen for that small voice that reminds you to stay present and not take in the negative energy of others.

Trust your GPS—inner God Perception System that protects and shows the way to do this. It is a narrow path but the Guidance is perfect and will keep you steady. You can assist by remaining in JOY and gratitude. These attitudes free up space and align with the Divine Line of God. This Divine Line is the one you want to stay connected to and it is the ONLY ONE you want to listen to! If you are feeling good and noticing good, you are coming from that Line!

Pay close attention to self care. Taking care of YOU is important. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. It is not selfish to give your spirit good feed: mind, body and spiritual truths keep you in a state of “well being.” Guard your heart against deceptions. If you are pulled into an argument or the need to defend, those are sign posts that you are too near the edge and will likely fall off the cliff and drop down into anxiety or some adaptation (ego). Be on the lookout for miracles. Expect them and call them (invoke them). You have the power to make a movie with your mind that visualizes the best! You are Paired with the Highest Power of the Universe now.

In addition to the general powerful spiritual practices, keep daily meditations running your mind. YOU are creating with the Master Mind now and serving it, not your little chaotic mind that split off in many directions (carnal mind). Spend that time each morning with the meditations. I have made it easy to subscribe to my HolyGrams that are delivered to your email each day. Sign up on this website if you have not done so yet! Surrender all anger, blame, judgments, and other negative energies that rob your peace. Peace is the mainline to the Divine Line. Lose it and you lose your connection. It is like having a dropped call or cell tower out of range.

Pray all day through your expressions and speech. Talk as an expression of God because that is who you are in reality. Keep cool-breathe deeply. Feel the Power and confidence that is coming from within your spirit. Repeat verses that give you feelings of empowerment like Isaiah. 40:31: “Those who wait for the Lord will gain new strength; They will mount up with wings like eagles, They will run and not get tired, They will walk and not become weary.”

When you empower yourself with those words from the WORD of God, you work out physically and you feel energized because you are renewing your cellular memory to make it work in alignment with the support of the universe that backs up that truth. This is what it means to remain in Higher Consciousness. YOU are awake and aware to your inner power in the Spirit given to you as a Gift from the Christ in you …the Holy Spirit. This enlightens your doubt or double mind and creates Oneness with the Light and keeps lighting the way to walk upright in all things using less effort. The power of God is using His potential in you to do the work.

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