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Conditions that Hinder The Spirit Led Walk-Way

This blog about spiritual hindrances could be a book! There are so many ways we are conditioned to ignore the Spirit Led Way. The first one is teaching. We are taught the conditions of humans and how to survive as a human being in the world’s way of doing. Yes, doing! Doing is a huge hindrance. Most of our early learning is centered around doing and not doing. Of course, we need these teachings or we would not survive. However, the WAY we are taught is “do” comes first. A child quickly learns that the way he/she is being is “not good enough.” He/she must DO something to BE good. This sets the cycle in motion. Perform the WAY others like and keeps them happy and you will DO just fine.

Think about this for a moment in your own life. What messages did you receive over and over that conditioned you to react in the way others needed. Most commands were about doing something. Even if you were a well-loved child who was given choices, there was still performance involved to motivate you. YOU could not just attend school and enjoy the other kids, there were “performance expectations”. YOU did what the teacher said in the WAY the teacher said to do it. Multiple situations with many more ways and times of reinforcement of your “doing” over-rode your way of being you.

If you complained, were your feelings heard or were you talked out of them or at least had them downplayed to how you were experiencing them? I know most humans do not feel heard and they begin to doubt feelings or that the feelings shouldn’t matter. There is too much going on to have every little hurt attended to. We have to abandon much of our inner feelings to get on and survive life. This is good because we would not survive the human experience otherwise. However, you can clearly see how it crushes and hinders the spiritual growth. Our spirit depends on feelings and emotions because it is all about the relationship with our inner being to the Spirit of God..

This is most likely why so many in the church feel detached or separate from God instead of feeling like His Spirit is in them and in everyone. The concrete stage of life is complete around age 10 and things start layering on over that. Losing connection with our true feelings in favor of false layers and beliefs that depend on others and how they value your “do” becomes the primary thing. The spirit of you and your true feelings are covered up so you can fit into some group called family or community. We have to feel connected to something even if it is only our ability to perform or play a role someone else needs.

Check in with your spirit by asking God what feelings you are hiding and ignoring. Let them “well up” in you as grief if you need to or at least, acknowledge they exist so you can get in touch with them. They are your connection to the Holy Spirit. Ask, seek and knock for your inner doors of feeling memories to be opened. You must get into the treasures of your memory stores that will reveal all the things you have blocked. YOU need to get in contact with that precious little one in you.

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