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The Way of the Attitude in Truth and Life

The attitude we carry around each day is so very important. If you really want to power UP into more truth and have more impact to live from the spiritual life way, you need to keep shifting attitudes. Our human attitudes are usually full of complaining and dislike for one thing or another. It can be about a person, place or thing. It doesn’t matter which one of those nouns you are complaining about, it puts you in a sour attitude. A sour attitude cannot be hidden so it not only ruins your witness for God but it clouds up your inner systems.

You may have heard that you need a positive attitude to gain altitude. Well, that is true but there is an even deeper truth. Any attitude that is not driven by gratefulness for the grace God gives all of us is lame in power. Being grateful that you are YOU is the place to begin. YOU may think someone else has a better life than you, but you have no idea what

it would be like to be them. YOU are only able to remote view them. Think about all the unhappy wealthy or famous people. Think about the guy who lives on the street eating garbage. Think of the person unable to live outside a crazy mindset. The rule is: do not compare your life to anyone else’s. Live from your inner being and God will direct a new story that fits you perfectly. However, begin being grateful for the blessings you have right now.

Remember to ask your Helper, the Holy Spirit, to help you focus on blessings. Thank God for them and stay in a mood of gratitude. Of course, you can speak of what you wish to change, but do not get sour and bitter thinking about it. Our thoughts manifest reality so complaining just keeps the same circuits running. Reroute them to call in what you DO want. Stay in the Miracle Mindset! Expect a new thing and focus on seeing it materialize. Keep a posture of boldness of your position as Son or Daughter of God. If you are in gratitude, you will be humble as you ask for favor knowing it is your birthright. When you operate from “ingratitude,” you are actually discounting the promises of God.

Keep shifting your mood to agree with God’s Promises. They are all throughout Scripture. You can choose to do this any way you like. There are small books that just contain all the promises that you can use for meditations. You can choose a verse that speaks to you personally and spend your time concentrating on it. If you are walking in the Way of the Spirit, you will actually be led to listen and hear what God is going to do. Sometimes, you will feel it sounds impossible. That is when you really want to pay attention. When God gives a directive that sounds impossible, you are in for a big show of His Love.

One of the hardest things is to wait patiently while God orchestrates things behind the scenes. Remember, patience is a great practice. Think of an orchestra. When it is in tune and well directed after much practice, it sounds heavenly. YOU are one of God’s instruments that needs tuning. It takes time and practice to hear His sound and tune into it. Ask for help. The Holy Spirit quickens the process!

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