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The Journey Deepens in this WAY of Being

The last blog I wrote on Spiritual Intimacy was about the narrow way of truth and life. Those words are the words of Jesus quoted in Scripture (John 14:6) that give us the clue to find our way back to our inner freedom. From my perspective, I see this as the never-ending journey that keeps getting better and better. I have lived in Colorado and loved to go hiking in the mountains there. I make the analogy of this intimate journey like going hiking. I would wear layers not knowing what the weather might be at higher elevations. Typically, however, I would end up un-layering because I would warm up so much from the energy of the climb.

When you first begin to take a path or a journey into your inner being, you have to strip off the layers that YOU actually put on over time. Letting go of these layers seems like you are dying. You actually are dying-to your old self, so that your true self can be born again with a perfectly loving Parent. As you unlayer, you feel liberated and not so burdened down. It is exhausting to carry a back pack full of stuff from the past that you no longer need. The truth is that you need nothing for the journey. God supplies all the love and educational lessons that teach you about how to live from your Divine Being. You do have to give up the old life, though, in order to don the new one. You cannot have two people running the SHOW—(earth self or false beliefs self vs. Master Mind of God).

Most people have such a close and intimate connection with their false self, there is no “room at the inn” J for the Real Self. The old ways are so familiar to their brain, the conscious mind they live out of tells them that this is the real “what you see is who I am” identity. Trust me, that could not be further from the truth of your life. Spiritual Intimacy with the Truth Teller will show you a different reality. YOU will be set free when you see who you really are to God. You are a pearl of great price. You will be reconnected to that preciousness in you that God placed there when He made you.

In-to-Me-See is the way the word intimacy sounds and it is the Narrow Way. YOU get to see into God and get a close relationship with His Perfect love so you can see His perfection in you. When you see into God, a mirror opens up that reflects your inner beauty from His View. The Viewpoint of God sees you as His Child and this gives you a new perception in how you see “you.” His words about you shape your identity and transform the need to hide. You are able to be more open and vulnerable. This connects you to others in more loving ways.

Intimacy is all about being real all the time no matter who you are with and what is being said or done. You feel Love and that means: understood, heard, listened to , known, treated affectionately, having a feeling of inherent worth, and very valued. You are validated with unconditional love of the Father who created you and that washes away fear. Fear is false evidence appearing real. Once you see truth, you cannot see fear or feel guilt about yourself. YOU are exposed and you are not being rejected for any reason. This allows more and more transparency with God and others as you keep walking on this Path. You meet others who know the truth and have been liberated from former beliefs as well. Enlightenment and full awakening to the Divine in you and in them connected to the Ultimate Divine follows in this kind environment. The result: more new life, more new ways of Being set free!

The indwelling spirit of you meshes with the Holy Spirit and truth arises!!!!

Blessings, Susan Frink Anderson susanfrinkan

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