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Love Stoppers

As you are well aware, we have a holiday we call Valentine’s Day that celebrates “love.” I put love in quotes because there are as many meanings of love as there are people on the planet. Whatever meaning we attach to love is very important. Setting aside one day to celebrate love is actually silly when you think about it. Love needs to be celebrated everyday. Love is bigger than all of us and we would be wise to make the meaning of love bigger than a cultural “idea.”

I doubt that anyone could truly define love apart from God. God is LOVE. Therefore, if you do not know God, it would stand to reason, you could be a Love Stopper. If the Source of Love and the Author of Love is God, it would be wise to get to know that Being, right? Flowing with love is growing in love and flowering as you grow. Love is a power that gives passion and a driver of all that is good and Godly. The second chapter of Corinthians 13 is a good reference for Perfect Love. No human can attain this perfection, but once we begin to draw from this Divine Love, we are a power that is Unstoppable.

Love is a supernatural force. It cannot be commanded or demanded. You cannot add to love or take away from it even it you try to stop it. It would be like trying to stop the sun or moon from shining or to have power over universal laws. Most of us have limited understanding of the Vast Love of God so we stop its flow. It is too much for us to take in. WE cannot believe that we are unconditionally loved. What does that even mean? We hinder love because we do not understand the abundance of a BIG DIPPER of Love. Love expressed from God is hard to fathom. Our human brain is so limited due to the training we have been conditioned to receive about love. Very young children are our best models. They are loving, lovable and so full of that substance. How then do we stop that lovely flow? What happens?

We learn to protect our heart with the “love stoppers.” They shut off the valves of giving freely. We learn “tit for tat” and this for that. Love has conditions. If you treat me poorly, I withhold love from you. True love does not have stoppers. The valve remains open…guarded, but open. When you truly love another, you remain open to them even during the times they are hurting you. You have hope that love will carry you through betrayals and pain. When you draw from the Source of Love, you are able to do this, even though the pain still hurts and there is great suffering. YOU receive the love of God to keep going through. His love never stops flowing. It radiates independently of our fears and desires. It is free unless we choose to stop it.

Wise ones learn to love. They do not use it as a reward or punishment or put a stopper in it to turn it off. That kind of “love” is an illusion and is pretending to be love, but it is fake and not real. YOU cannot turn off love. It is a matter of the heart. It was never real if it did not start in the heart (of God) and keep flowing freely through you and spilling over to others. Take time to consider your “love stoppers.” Have grievances and other pains blocked the Source of Love and kept you from receiving the BEST Love that cares what happens to your soul? If so, reconnect to it! Drop the Stoppers!!! You will feel so much relief and heavy clouds will lift that are blocking the Son to Shine His Love through you!

Blessings, Susan Frink Anderson new book:

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